Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson has demanded that a third autopsy be conducted on the singer because he believes that the pop icon died of poisoning. 

 Contactmusic reports that, Joe Jackson, who earlier this week said he suspected “foul play” in the singer’s death – is said to have infuriated his family by trying to take control of the singer’s funeral and demanding a third post mortem examination after two sets of tests disproved his belief that the ‘Thriller’ star was poisoned.

A source said: “Jermaine, La Toya and his wife Katherine all told him he had no control over the clan any more, but he does not want to let go.”

However, Joe’s daughters LaToya and Janet have reportedly splashed out for round-the-clock bodyguards for their dad – who had a turbulent relationship with Michael, who did not name him in what is believed to be his final will – after he received death threats.

The source added to Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “There are some very, very crazy Michael fans out there who blame him for what happened.

With the first two autopsies apparently ruling out foul play, Joe Jackson is not going to stop until he finds the information he is searching for.

Maybe the problem is that the person they’re doing the autopsy on isn’t Michael Jackson at all, hence the continual search for truth by Joe Jackson. Perhaps in this third examination, they’ll realise that it’s a double, which will explain why there is no death certificate, a two week delay with the funeral, and no open viewing of the body.

Can’t accept that MJ is actally dead? Don’t worry Joe, we’re right there with you.

  1. wishful09 Said,

    I don’t know what to think anymore. But for all of us to remain sane, we should accept that he may in fact be dead after his memorial is over and done with. I dont know though. My gut feeling tells me Micheal is still alive. Maybe we will never know. But Michael seems like the type who would reveal this and not hide away forever.

  2. gold Said,

    I don’t believe he would play a cruel joke on the whole world by doing something like that. He’s gone, I was in denial for a long time. But it pains me to say, he’s no longer in the flesh. May his spirit live on forever.

  3. gold Said,

    By the way his daughter broke down and cried on stage, his family saddened. Celebs coming out to pay their respects.

  4. Madason Said,

    I agree. He wouldn’t hide away forever, he’d have to come back…
    but these posts are also claiming that Joe Jackson knows about his sons ‘hoax death’ and thats why he keeps slamming the media with promotion about his new record label. If he did know, why would he order 3 autopsy’s wouldn’t that just get everybody suspicous. If he knew, he would play around like that. Would he……??

    Why is there no death certificate, a two week delay with the funeral, no open viewing of the body, 3 autopsy’s, only one photo, no information, details or any real evidence.
    Think about other celebrities deaths, why is Michael’s so different. It doesn’t add up!?!

  5. kirsty2009 Said,

    i totally agree,none of it adds up,just watched a programme and the presenter asked was his body in the coffin!!,now that was a british programme called this morning.

  6. BobbyP Said,

    “I think the Pepsi fireworks accident that occurred on set during a commercial shoot that day was worse than reported, and that, yes, Michael Jackson’s burns were severe enough to have killed him. And I think they did.”

    Wait… isn’t this whole site dedicated to the notion that he’s still alive?

  7. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If Michael in are HOAX in his death, he will be back in a few months. I can tell you that much.

  8. nycscenie Said,

    @BobbyP thats exactly what i was thinking

  9. Francesca Said,

    Quoting wishful09. “Michael seems like the type who would reveal this and not hide away forever.” Funny how most of us are feeling the same way about this thing.
    As far as I know he’s still alive. I feel him. But I don’t know if that’s because of his aura. He will live forever.

  10. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael`s siblings, has just announced to day, that they will perform, in the o2 Arena, the 29th of August, that is Michael`s 51st birthday. The weird part is this : Aparrently there will be a lifelike Monogram of Michael, on the stage, and that will do some kinda performence. HMMMM Pretty weird. And at the end of the show, his children will apear on stage and perform aswell… If Mike is “FAKING” his death, he will reveal himself that day, i am pretty sure of that. 1 more thing. Did any of you notice, the words in blue writing apear on the big screen behind the stage for his memoriel? These words: Im alive, and Im here forever? It`s a sentence of a song Michael once sanged with Poul Macartney. But why only those words? Why not the whole song. Seriously i got the chills, it totally freaked me out. Either someone is tryng to tell us something, or someone is makeing a VERY sick joke on all of us, by writing this. It was at the end of the memoriel, you can`t miss it. That`s all im gonna say

  11. feyaya Said,

    that performance is something i would LOVE to see! but how will we? i’m sure they’re not gonna broadcast it on tv. as far as that hologram thing goes, i can see exactly how that will work. remember when will.i.am appeared as a hologram on cnn the day of the presidential election? michael could do just the same thing from wherever he is! hearing that coupled with the reactions from his kids at the memorial, specifically paris’, has really got me suspecting something crazy will happen with that performance…especially of his kids are also gonna be a part of it! all i know is that i can’t wait to hear about it…wish i could see it instead!

  12. tinydancer Said,

    I agree, can someone explain what Liza Minelli means by “All hell will break loose”? What exactly is she trying to say about it all…I just found her comment a little vague, but thats cause I dont have the entire context it came from…however…what a stange thing to say, dont you people think so?

    Here’s the link btw..


  13. tinydancer Said,

    …also…I saw someone making a comment that the reason the coffin was closed during the memorial service was cause Michael’s brain was removed during autopsy..so the body wouldnt look “appropriate” for this occasion. Some people said it’s rediculous..but Im in med school, and Ive participated in forensic autopsies..and it is indeed correct..the brain is removed, so a possible cause of death can be found both macro and microscopically. So i dont know..maybe from the emotional perspective, and for viewers discretion, the coffin was not opened…having said all this, Im a STRONG believer that MJ is still alive. I hope he did fake his own death…the man deserves some peace and quiet after all these years of obscene rumours, which are no doubt false. It’s disgusting to think that there are vile people like that out there who would go this far just to spoil someone’s reputation..all in the name of money. Michael is innocent. I dont care what people say. If they’re brainless enough to believe these rumors just cause it’s been covered by the media many times..then so be it. I feel sorry for empty people like that. Eggshells they are, nothing else.

  14. DawneVee Said,


    To add to your confusion, Entertainment Tonight said the family and friends had an open coffin service and Michael looked peaceful and sleeping.

    Here is the link:


    And I just read a comment from a poster on here who said she heard an interview and someone asked why the casket was closed and that person said because MJ’s face was messed up from the CPR done.

    Well for crying out loud…either he was peaceful and sleeping looking or his face was all messed up?


    *bangs head against the wall* I feel a brain anyurism (sp?) coming on…lol when trying to sort this MJ story out.

  15. Andrea Said,

    @DawnVee – I am right there with you! I am really trying to not let this entire MJ thing make me go crazy, BUT IT REALLY IS! I can’t help but think about it and continue to speculate. I just either want death photos – or I want MJ to come on TV and tell the world he is alive! I NEED TO REST MY MIND!!! UGH!

  16. tinydancer Said,

    DawneVee…yeah, I know…i read the article in a Norwegian newspaper too..BUT..get THIS…His parents were not there for the private memorial..why? And..they said the same thing about Elvis…if you read about his death conspiracy, Elvis was also in an open coffin…however, i remember reading that someone saw someone else gluing the sideburns on at some point before the memorial service. ..Scary. So it might have been a doll.

  17. AngelW Said,

    Well there is more, I doubt there was a doctor in the house? Caus CPR you gave that alwayls right on way on the ground!!! And that so called doctor, leave Michael on the bed. So I believe that the man who died there, is not Michael Jackson!!By ther way, when a person died, the medical car don’t use sirene of take speed.

  18. AngelW Said,

    And more to come, Michael is been seen by allot of people of Ottawa/Canada. see over here


  19. emanviam Said,

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