Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

The circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson have been questionable from day one. We do not say this because we are ‘unable to accept the truth’, or wanting to ’speak ill of the dead’, we say this because it is fact.

The constantly changing information, stories and allegations associated with the 25th June 2009 and beyond, is very real.

Fact: When Michael Jackson’s death was first announced, we were told by the Media that he had suffered a Cardiac Arrest in his home in Los Angeles. Although his Personal Physician was present at the time of the alleged Collapse, he was unable to be revived. He was picked up by Paramedics after a 911 phone call was made from the residence. During the ride in the ambulance to the hospital, paramedics tried in vain to revive the singer, but to no avail. Upon arrival at UCLA Medical Centre, Doctors persisted in attempting to revive his body, however, after administering CPR and Oxygen for nearly 40 minutes, he was pronounced dead at 2.27pm.

Further Analysis: First we were told it was a simple case of Cardiac Arrest. Stories then began to emerge that Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, allegedly administered a shot of Demerol to the singer only a half hour before he collapsed. We were then told that Michael Jackson was addicted to pain killers, and had been for many years. This statement then blew up into the admission by sources that not only was MJ addicted to pain killers, but that he took a cocktail of 12 different drugs everyday! 

A phone call was made from the residence of Michael Jackson, by a member of his staff, a half hour after he collapsed. Dr. Murray had been unsuccessfully administering CPR to Michael Jackson on his bed for a half hour before they thought it was a good idea to maybe give the Paramedics a call.

Below is the audio of the call and the transcript of what was said. There are many questions about this call that stand out. Namely, why did the staff member not mention that the ‘Gentleman’ was Michael Jackson, or sound more hysterical, upset, or frantic. We believe, for most people, if their employer was dying on the floor of a heart attack, that you would be yelling into the phone something along the lines of: ‘Please Hurry and save him, Oh my God!!!’ etc etc. Considering this person’s employer was Michael Jackson, we believe, he should have been all the more hysterical.

 Secondly, why did the operator not ask if there was a pulse? We would assume that this was a common procedural question associated with ALL 911 phone calls.

Thirdly, why did the operator hang up at the end of the call, quite calmly, as though ‘Oh they seem to have a handle on things there, I’ll just leave them to it then’. We would have thought that it was also common 911 procedure to STAY ON THE LINE until the Paramedics arrive, giving all the assistance they can. ‘Call us back if you need any help’…sorry, but there is no way any 911 Operator would ever say that, especially if the person they are being called about is supposedly dying on the floor. OF COURSE THEY WOULD NEED HELP, THERE IS SOMEONE DYING!!

And finally, since the caller did not mention that the person on the floor was Michael Jackson, how is it that a crowd surrounded the ambulance when he was taken away by ambulance at the front of his home? Keep these things in mind as you listen below.



The following is a Transcript of the 911 Phone Call

Operator: Paramedic 33, what is the address of your emergency?

Caller: I need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir

Ok sir, what’s your address?

Los Angeles California, 90077


Carolwood Drive, yes,

Ok sir, what’s the phone number you are calling from?

Sir, we have a gentleman here that needs help. He’s stopped breathing, he’s not breathing and we are trying to pump him, but he’s not, he’s not…

Ok ok, how old is he?

He’s 50 years old, sir

Ok. He’s not conscious, he’s not breathing?

Yes, he’s not breathing sir

And he’s not conscious either?

No, he’s not conscious sir

Ok (pause). Alright, is he on the floor, where’s he at right now?

He’s on the bed sir, he’s on the bed

Ok let’s get him on the floor


Ok let’s get him down to the floor. I’m gonna help you with CPR right now, Ok

We need him… we need a…

Yes, we’re already on our way there. We’re on our way. I’m gonna do as far as I can to help you over the phone. We’re already on our way. Did anybody see him?

Yes we have a personal doctor here with him, sir

Oh you have a doctor there?

Yes. But he’s not responding to anything to no… no… he’s not responding to the CPR or anything

Oh, OK. Well we’re on our way there. If your guy is doing CPR and you’re instructed by a doctor he has a higher authority than me. And he’s there on the scene


Did anybody witness what happened?

No, just the doctor, sir. The doctor’s been the only one here

Ok so did the doctor see what happened?

Doctor, did you see what happened sir? (inaudible voice) Sir, just, if you can please…

We are on our way. We are on our way. I’m just passing these questions on to my paramedics who are on their way there, sir.

Thank you sir. He’s pumping, he’s pumping his chest but he’s not responding to anything sir. Please

Ok, OK, we are on our way. We are less than a mile away and we will be there shortly.

Thank you sir, thank you

Ok sir. Call us back if you need any help. Thank you


Fact: Footage of Michael Jackson being taken away by ambulance was circulated within an hour of him being taken to hospital. An image of him ‘allegedly’ in the ambulance with Paramedics trying to revive him was later released by ET.

Further Analysis: As we have mentioned in previous posts, we already find the validity of the image of Michael Jackson in the Ambulance questionable to say the least. The footage of the ambulance leaving the home is also subject to suspicion. Firstly, why is it that the ambulance is backing out of MJ’s driveway soooo slowly? If they are desperately trying to work on him in the back, wouldn’t they be driving as fast as possible?

Then, as the ambulance finally backs out and drives down the street, it does not even put on it’s siren. Again, wouldn’t they be in a hurry to save the King of Pop?

It also seems suspicious that a tourist bus just happened to drive past MJ’s home as an ambulance was pulling out the gates.

View the footage here: http://bit.ly/9QOJQ

As for this image. The one and only image and any kind of proof that this all took place is of Michael Jackson in the ambulance being worked on and given oxygen by paramedics. A very big question is when and where was this photograph taken? When Michael Jackson was put into the ambulance, they were inside the closed gates of his home, with no press present. When he was taken out of the ambulance, no press were nearby. Also, as you would have seen by the above footage, the extremely dark tint of the ambulance windows made it impossible to see who or what was inside. How is it that this image was able to be taken through very dark tinted windows at some point between the time when MJ was put into the ambulance and taken out at UCLA Medical Center, even though there was hardly any media close enough at both locations to have been able to take such a shot?


Fact: Michael Jackson’s personal physician, who was allegedly present at the time of his collapse, refused to sign a death certificate. He was also reported missing for 24 hours after the singer’s death was confirmed. After initial speculation regardin the Doctors involvement in the death and the presence of any foul play, the media then assured us that Dr. Conrad Murray had been questioned by police and was not a suspect in regard to the death of Michael Jackson.

Further Analysis: For a professional physician, this doctors actions were suspicious from the start. A possible injection of drugs before the alleged collapse of MJ, first saying he was present when MJ collapsed, then changing his story to just ‘happing to find him unconscious on his bed’. Administering CPR on the bed. Refusing to sign Michael Jackson’s death certificate, and then going missing for 24 hours. His car being impounded and searched for evidence. All of this, and we’re told he is not a suspect. Right.


Fact: Michael Jackson’s ‘body’ was airlifted to the Morgue by a Sherrif Rescue Helicopter.

Further Analysis: The number one question associated with this part of the strange events of that day is this: Why?

If Michael Jackson was indeed dead, what was the need to airlift his lifeless body to the Morgue? Wouldn’t it have perhaps made more sense to airlift him from his home to the hospital, a time saver which could have meant the difference between life and death? Considering the ambulance that picked him up drove so slowly, it’s no wonder they couldn’t save him, but why go to the effort of organising a helicopter to transport him to the Morgue? This just seems unnecessary and excessive…unless, there was another reason to do so. With this in mind, take another look at the footage of the helicopter ride to the morgue by Clicking Here.

As we all know, many, many more strange events unfolded in the days following the ‘death’ of Michael Jackson, but it is these events, the events of June 25th 2009 that have put question of it’s truth into the minds of thousands of people around the world.

  1. Sosh Said,

    I mentioned it before but isn’t it strange there are no pictures at all.

    When a person of this status dies (Diana for example) the paparazi isvery agressive in taking pictures wich can be sold for lots of money.

    If Michael Jackson was diving at an unknown spot in the atlantic ocean and he would have farted, the next day pictures of this ‘event’ are shown in every newspaper or internet site in full color and resolution so you can download one for your desktop!

    Now he is assumed dead and the only picture we have, is one where someone who (is mostlikely not looking like Michael) lying in an ambulance with a full medic staff working on that person!

  2. The Silent One Said,

    I feel like I have spotted a double in the final rehearsal pictures of Michael Jackson and matched it with an MJ impersonator. Can someone please analyze and compare the following pictures:

    1. Michael Jackson Reheasal Picture:


    2. Pictures of the Double from his MySpace website:


    Please let me know what you think.


  3. dorleac Said,

    i totaly agree t you.

    he is more alive than us.

    btw, check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whYH4c7DvAQ

  4. carelesslove46 Said,

    I didn’t hear the operator
    tell the caller to call back.
    The audio stream ended before that could be heard.
    Does anyone know where I can listen to the full transcript??…I really do
    hope it’s been a big hoax,
    but seriously, can everyone imagine how many people would have to be involved in order to pull off something this big??…Now with Presley
    it’s believable because he did have friends in high places like President’s and
    other government official’s.
    Also high ranking members of the police force…But as for
    Mike..I dont know…I agree
    there are things that are strange about this whole thing..I look forward to reading other’s comments..
    And Mike, wherever you are
    either in this world or the next…WE STILL LOVE YOU..xxxx

  5. giggsey82 Said,

    Although i was upset to hear about MJ’s death on 25th June i find it increasingly annoying that we appear to be taken up stream without a paddle all the way through the memorial i kept thinking if MJ was alive surely he would want to be there to bask glory in what would be essentially his greatest performance in outwitting the media, so from thinking he was going to jump out the casket to waling out on stage to sing Man in the mirror I have been drawn to the gentleman who starts We are the world

    i was drawn straight to him whilst watching the service and thought we all know MJ as white so what better way to hide than go back to his natural colour then i looked closely at the gentleman and MJ in his early years as well as looked how his brothers have aged, could we take a photo of MJ and digitially age it would that image at 50 years look like the unknown singer in we are the world!! anyone got the software to do that and show us the results?

  6. giggsey82 Said,

    If it was MJ what a stroke of genius and huge cahones to stage his own death then perform at his own memorial with everyone non the wiser.

  7. feyaya Said,

    i agree the unknown singer to sing “we are the world” looked very peculiar, but look at his jaw line. aren’t michael’s jaws wider than those? i’m thinking it would take surgery to fix reduce the jaw line. and what about his voice and his teeth? i admit the guy is suspicious and i honestly found him to be a bit creepy. i was thinking about how his eyes are so large; and even though michael has big eyes, they are not big in a creepy sense…but THEN, i though about him in thriller. after the makeup for the video, he was able to make everything about himself appear creepy, including his widened eyes. what do you think??

  8. Mjisalive1 Said,

    could you plz tell name of this man that actually he told about him??

    and one more thing…MJ always wanted to make his clone…his innermost wish u can say..

    maybe that “imposter” is the clone of mj….n maybe this person is the “Real MJ”

    or…as u said…a COINCIDENCE??

  9. Tizzy Said,

    I also thought thought the guy at the servie was a bit suspect. He certanly creeped me out that’s for sure! Maybe he is MJ? Has there been any info on this guy that anyone has found?
    As for the clone theory, maybe Blanket is his clone, kinda?! I have to say out of all 3 kids he is the one that resembles MJ the most!
    Keep up the good work on this site

  10. Sara Said,

    I’d first like to say that you are doing a great job with this and keep up the updates!
    This is what gets me,
    “He’s not concious? He’s not breathing?”
    Than after the caller says he’s not breathing the operator askes,
    “He’s not concious?”
    Uh……what kind of question is that?
    I know that you can still breath while unconcious but can you not breath while concious?
    Un-needed question I’d have to say.
    And what’s up with all the unnessesary questions?
    What’s your phone number how old is he.
    At first it sounded true but than I re read the transcript and it looks so weird.
    And WHY would the doctor not have had him on the floor?
    Shouldn’t all doctors know how to perform CPR?
    And the oprator kept repeating “on the floor” too…
    It’s all so crazy…

  11. feyaya Said,

    that’s a good observation. i really can’t believe people are still talking about all the “emotion” presented at the memorial. for crying out loud, i didn’t see one damn tear! i bet you the ONLY tears there were from the lucky fans who won tickets. anyways, i’ve been trying to comment on the latest post, but it’s not showing a “submit comment” button; anyone else having that problem?

  12. giggsey82 Said,

    The voice is a good point but you can easliy alter your voice enough to stop yourself being easily recognised other things to note are firstly the way he walks to the front michaelesque, and why is he wide eyed and in a way smiling if he were indeed MJ is it because he’s realised to himself damn I actually pulled it off

  13. The Silent One Said,

    Apparently, the guy’s name is: Darryl Phinnessee. Although, I have to state that the distance from the bottom of his nose to the top of his lip seems ginormous. Such a small nose.

    I couldn’t leave a message on the new post. So I’m leaving it here instead, hope that helps.

  14. odettebennet Said,

    hello…the silent one..yes i hv seen carlo’s pics earlier also…and i do find certain similarites..however m jus concerned bou his age..but yes this is jus one look a like ..der are 100s in L.A.alone…so dats nt a prob..neways i jus wanna say dat i really miss MJ..I KNO HE IS ALIVE.BUT I KNOW HE WILL NEVER PERFORM AGAIN ON STAGE…(I HOPE HE COMS BACK)GUYS CAN WE BRING HIM BACK?? WAT IF SUMONE IS DOING ALL THIS WID OUT HIS CONCERN?I HOPE HE IS SAFE!!!

  15. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Well before, the unknown singer apeared on stage someone said: We love you more, join us Michael. Ehh Pretty weird

  16. Andrea Said,

    All I know is that guy that sang the beginning of we are the world, scared the SHIT out of me (excuse the language) but it’s true! I doubt it was MJ – because I don’t know…it was just creepy. Haha.

  17. Sosh Said,

    To The Silent One:

    There are a lot of impersnators, but I think Carlo Riley misses on important signature from Michael: His nose differs to much. I also think Carlo has a look more simmilar to Johny Depp in some pictures.

  18. noisehammer Said,

    ey guys.. i think its just a coincidence !
    ^^ but its really interesting how he looks…

    after all, MJ is still out there

  19. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    The clone is a man named Navi, you can see it on a link in one of the other sites here.. He almost look excatly like Michael, expectt a few things. His VOICE, His WALK, His EYES. Check it out, and you will see what i mean. Michael is alive

  20. Sara Said,

    I found this,


    I have no idea if it’s the truth…..but who knows?
    Read into it.
    See what you can find!

  21. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I just wrote it, some of it sounds like they way Michael would put it. But mabye it is just someone who wants money out of this who leaged it. I don`t know.

  22. Andrea Said,

    Just read this –

    ‘If, as expected, the gig is a huge success it will be repeated in London and around the world.

    And Jacko himself will also perform at the O2 Arena from beyond the grave. An amazing life-like hologram will be used to make him appear on stage.’

    Hologram huh? Haha. I bet it will be him. No doubt.

  23. feyaya Said,

    hologram, eh? well that’s possible. remember when will.i.am appeared as a hologram on cnn on the day of the presidential election?

  24. supermom75 Said,

    ok here is my lookon this part one first the story was michael collapsed to the floor in his room then he is found on his bed by his doctor my questions how long was the doctor there everyone was involved no fear in the voice also there were cooks thereand guards why was there not a guard in the room hmmmmm no thought of that and why did he not call right when it happened and he was with him on the way there he was not with him on the way there he did not sign the death certificate cause he knows he is not dead michael was afraid of needle and pain nurse says to the news he would never inject himself http://gretawire.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/07/08/our-full-interview-michael-jacksons-nurse/ and if the doctor did not inject him who did listen to all three video’s from the nurse it is deep and very good info on michael i will find more info on this and as far as the brain out they still could of had an open casket the did for james brown hmmmm

  25. goslinger1 Said,

    If we can all plainly see that the “Michael” at the O2 conference was not the real Michael–then the family MUST know something about this!! I mean, come on! Have they NOT seen that video? It is so obvious that that is NOT Michael. . .he seems far too young anyway.

    If I knew someone was copying the identity of a family member, I would be upset! I’d get the authorities involved.

    Hmmmm. . . .there’s nothing of that nature. The family is just going along with it for some reason.

    Very strange. Since that is NOT Michael–Where was the real Michael and why was he not able to attend that conference himself? There is deception going on here and the family is involved.

    While we, his fans, are freaking out saying, “Something’s not right here,” they are not raising any flags or questioning a thing! The dad, Joe, is wanting another autopsy. This throws me. Any ideas why this would be? And why is there such talk about his missing brain??? That’s just strange.

  26. giggsey82 Said,

    It is quite plausable that the unknown singer is not MJ although he bears a striking reseblemce and i was instantly drew to him, what is worrying even more after reviewing the footage of the memorial is the senator lady made a slight hiccup she starts to say who died 25th january then corrects herself to june could it be that MJ if he is indeed dead died a lot earlier than were told iw january and as the lookalike was unable to carry out the 50 gig residency, people in the know got in a panic and decided that was it enough IS enough the world must know MJ has died

  27. Andrea Said,

    I just watched an interview with the woman is a Jackson family spokesperson and when asked why there wasn’t an open casket she nonchalantly said ‘..because of the extensive damage done to his face when they tried to resuscitate him.’

    Okay, well. I’m no doctor or cardiologist. BUT UHM. Since when does touching the face have ANYTHING to do with doing CPR and trying to revive someone from a so called ‘cardiac arrest’.

    These people are terrible at trying to make his death seem real.

  28. dynamite Said,

    your right andrea that does sound stupid, it just proves even more that it was all fake

  29. DawneVee Said,

    This was a really good post. Been sharing it with others because you get to all the points about what happened or didn’t happen for that fact on June 25th.

    Lets keep digging up the truth MJ fans…

    It’s been exactly 2 weeks today since he ‘died’. How long can a body be preserved on ice before it just starts decaying?

    I read that on the news too that the autopsy folks have his brain and are analyzing it still and once it’s given back to the family, then they will bury MJ.

    Weird, just weird….

  30. monij Said,

    To Silent one: the double looks like the one in the ambulance… look carefully at the upper lips on both men. As for the rehearsal picutre, difficult to say. It is a bit blurry and too much light and the picture is taken from a distance.. but he looks like MJ.

  31. monij Said,

    giggsey82: this idea of MJ dying earlier crossed my mind too, that is probably why they sent the double to the conference, because MJ was dead. But think about it, it was only a 3minute speech (could have been a few seconds without the pauses), I am sure MJ would have been able to address the press, unless he was already dead, or maybe very very sick on his deathbed.

  32. dynamite Said,

    yah the guy in the ambulance didnt look like him at all the lips and nose looked different, im convinced it was him at the rehearsal,
    i remember reading an article sayin he had 6 months to live 6 months and 1 day later hes dead,
    was that article true or made up?

  33. annieareyouok Said,

    check this out! to further burn into your mind that he is gone? who releases a statement like this?


  34. DawneVee Said,


    I left this comment in another section, but get this…

    Entertainment Tonight claims a source told them that they had an open casket for MJ at the private viewing and he looked peaceful and looked like he was sleeping.

    Well if that spokeperson you heard claimed it was closed casket because of damage to his face and this source on ET claims there was an open casket and MJ looked peaceful, well for crying out loud, who is telling the truth!
    Here is the link so you can read it yourself:


    All these ’sources’ close to the Jacksons need to get their stories straight before reporting to the cameras…

  35. mysticallymagestically Said,

    @Andrea: Wow. Okay, let’s just assume for a second that he DID have extensive facial damage (for whatever reason…how unlikely it is). There are methods of applying make-up (in which case the Jackson family could have easily bought the best post mortem services in the world!) to make any person look in one piece. That’s such a stupid excuse, I can’t help but laugh at the lunacy of it all.
    Anyway, I think this entire post sums up mostly why I’m questioning the legitimacy of his “death” far above anything else that seems to be fishy. Everything about the initial phone call and the doctor being in the vicinity just doesn’t add up.

  36. supermom75 Said,

    make sure to checkout all my info under this section Mystery Singer ‘We are the World’ has uncanny likeness to Original Michael Jackson under comment you will be a mazed i even found the info that the boy came forward and said michael jackson never touched him and the whole case info that no one told the public also on vitigilo and a page michael showing his skin changing i love michael and i am not goin to stop looking for him and i am goin to get to the bottom i smell foul play

  37. feyaya Said,

    DAWNEVEE, that’s exactly what i was thinking about his so-called body. it can only be preserved for so long, right? i heard the same thing about his brain. i’m just wondering how far they’ll stretch this out. soon they’ll announce a 4th autopsy and what not. it’s just ridiculous. i saw that ambulance picture of him today on a magazine in walmart and even though i was convinced before that it’s not michael in that picture, that was just reaffirmation since it was enlarged; definitely was NOT michael.

  38. wndrwmn67 Said,

    I was on my way to take my kids to Chicago today and had made a cd to listen to of all of the Michael Jackson songs that I have never heard. One of them was unbreakable and I heard the following line and had an “aha!” moment: maybe he meant this figuratively speaking, but it could have very well been literal.

    Line from the song “Unbreakable:”

    “Now you can’t stop me even thought you think
    that if you block me, you’ve done your thing
    and when you bury me underneath all your pain
    I´m steady laughin’, while surfacing.”

    You just never know!!!

  39. wndrwmn67 Said,

    Oh, and another thing…that way my thought exactly…with all of the ruthless paparazzi out there, do you mean to tell me that not a single one of them was able to get a picture of Michael Jackson after his death??? That picture would be worth a fortune and I cannot fathom that NO ONE has been able to get one somehow!

    And yes, did anyone catch the story about the coffin after the memorial service? The one I read that was listed on MSN’s homepage stated that neither the coffin or the hearse was seen from after the memorial service. I don’t know the validity of this statement, but it does make one wonder.


  40. supermom75 Said,



  41. melia8383 Said,

    That could be fake, just like the death certificate. If they all cried, they would of done the same thing at the memorial service, you’re not going to change within 30 minutes. The kids didn’t show any type of emotion. They would of at least cried. But they didn’t. Out of all people out there with cameras theres no other pictures, other than his “last photo?”

  42. melia8383 Said,

    And how did they take a photo of MJ in the “ambulance” when the bodyguards was blocking the windows? Ambulance didn’t have sirens on. And if he did “die” it seems like foul play! Why wouldn’t the family get a lawyer? And why haven’t they “buried” the body?
    They can plan a “memorial” that cost I believe. 1.4 million or maybe 4.1 million
    (that they’re not paying) but they can’t find a place for him to “go?”
    This is giving me a headache!!!!
    Something don’t seem right!!!!

  43. He.is.alive Said,

    it sounds like a herd of impersonators is at beck and call to “step in” anytime an appearance by MJ is upcoming … this one guy, Carlo, I find is the most convincing one, BUT ! his lips are too round, too perfect. If a plastic surgeon fixed the lips to look more like MJ’s do, it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference as to looks. However, that does not account for sound of voice and speech, walk, and ….. dance !

    This staged “deatH’ of MJ’s is becoming more mysterious by the minute almost, but, one thing is for sure: too many factors speak FOR the hoax of staged death then against it. With all of us blogging contributing different observations and other information, it becomes more and more likely that there is definitely foul play here !

    MJ looked terribly ill and weak during the court proceedings, in pajamas and all. For that reason, it is very possible that ONLY impersonators appeared in his place after that. The guy who appeared in London pressconference was a bad bad choice, this Carlo should have been sent instead to make it more beleivable.

    Two possibilities come to mind: 1. MJ either died way before 6/25, OR, 2. he escaped prior to 6/25, is in seclusion since then and is receiving medial care to restore him to his former self as best as could be done.

    Interesting news about this “diary” one blogger discovered info about on derekclontz.com …. and .. how it will be “spun” by the media …

    About media: they are now stoned on all the drug info emerging and once they come down from that, new “info” will be floated to keep the public in “seduction” mode, ANYTHING to divert away from focusing on the facts.

    This is definitely a time to be a sceptic !
    Thanks for reading ..

  44. DawneVee Said,

    I seen that magazine at Wal-Mart the other day with the picture of MJ in the ambulence. I think it was OK! Magazine.
    And yes, since they blew it up we all got a better look and I just stared at it and stared at it and wondered why his face looked bloated and ‘not right’.
    There was never any mention of mouth to mouth recessetation (spelled wrong I know) was there? Only CPR right?

    Okay, so we know there were no paparazzi present when the ambulance came. Or were they?

    Speaking of the ambulance…were there windows on the sides of the ambulance? All I saw were the ones on the back door.
    if someone snapped a pic of MJ through a window from the back door, the picture would have been taken ’straight’ whereas this photo was taken at an angle.

    Okay I am done confusing myself this evening.

    MJ!!!! Where are you??? Come out come out wherever you are!!!

  45. dynamite Said,

    Why didnt britney spears go to the memorial, i heard they talked alot b4 he died, he told her 2 give up music after her circus tour b4 it kills her and
    2 spend time with her kids cause there all that matters

  46. supermom75 Said,

    silent one i am very currious about this myspace person i am goin to look into it he did meet michael that makes him a possable paid double if you look in his pics his ebiny pic looks just like the ebony cover of michael lol i can not believe it alor of his pics resemble the michael jackson pics on google

  47. Sosh Said,

    I love these discussions here. Wether MJ faked his death or not, he is very much alive on this forum.

    As of now, there seem to bee more loose ends coming up every our. Some are far fetched, some could be very real.

    I think we can be sure that this whole death is staged or at least has some very weird thing going on.

    Maybe Michael was dead for a couple of months and his family had already a funeral. That could be a reason why they almost didn’t let a tear on the memorial and the body is still not burned (or already is).

    But wouldn’t it be difficult if MJ died a couple of months ago to keep this news from leaking?

    Is the family waiting with the real funeral because they know something is going to happen (Big come back of the King of Pop?) or are they waiting so long in order to keep record sales sky high and wait till AEG has finished the’Last Rehearsal’ DVD to boost sales for that item?

    Or is there simply no body to burry and no cemetary is willing to cooperate to make a grave for an empty coffin?

  48. supermom75 Said,

    michael died on june 25th right read this and tell me if youi think michael coppied the king elvis now omg

  49. ladylee1979 Said,

    listen to the lyrics of morphine on michaels blood on the dancefloor album hes singing about his addiction he mentions demerol several times ?

  50. Sosh Said,


    Elvis didn’t die on 25 june, however that article about it all being a hox is from 25th of june 1978. Maybe Michael was more inspired bij Elvis and his death than we all think.

  51. bexuk Said,

    The chances of Mj still being alive are getting less and less with each new day.

    Looks like the family viewed his body the night before-

  52. bexuk Said,

    Ok so I was starting to believe Michael Jackson was really dead until I saw this-listen to what La Toya says-’Michael Loves his fans, I know hes watching every single one of you, thanks for coming out and supporting him’

    WTF???? I bet hes in Bahrain watchign the whole saga unfold! Sorry but those are not what anyone who has just lost their brother would say.

  53. Mojofi Said,

    Did tehy say the CPR that was done for him at home broke his ribs? I think that was a bit sad? Oh my Goodness what should we belive or think?

  54. Faith Said,

    Im wondering, about the differents elements, and the fact that we dont know where is his body if… Michael wouldn’t become a vegetable ?
    He was in a sort of coma, he “has risen” with many damages, so he is a vegetable.
    That could explain, why Paris cried whereas her brother didn’t show any emotion.

  55. Goldie Said,

    only time will tell if michael faked his death
    i understand why he would do that

    if i was michael i would have done that to escape
    the media and ect.

    he havent toll the kids, kids in that age tells friends, and people everything like seacreats.
    so maybe their going to tell them wen they get older.

    sorry four my english i am from Denmark

  56. Angel36 Said,

    Now they say the casket is taking through a secret tunnel to the nokia centre and that also the jacksonsisters where going through there to tanks the fans.
    The casket is there in the tombe of motown boss Gordy.

  57. bexuk Said,

    I forgot to put the link for Michael’s three sisters talking at the Nokia theatre it is-


    Listen to La Toya

  58. Andrea Said,

    I agree with bexuk! Latoya would be the one to mess up the hoax! Haha. He is alive, it’s purely evident.

  59. quesarasara Said,

    I’m not sure what the protocol is in California, but where I live (in PA), when there is an emergency involving someone not breathing, cyanotic (blue,cold,faint pulse), and in any type of respiratory or cardiac distress- advanced life support is called. This usually contains a Suburban type vehicle with a defribulator and the certified staff to ensure intubation and respiratory support. I mentioned days ago that the cpr was being done on the upper chest (the brachial plexus) if you look up the correct positioning of CPR, it’s done near (an inch or so upward) from the xyphoid process (near the point in the ribs) and you usually do 15 chest compressions and two breaths or pump the ambu bag once every two seconds. I wonder if the ambulance had advanced life support? Also, why didn’t the doctor have a defribulator on board in the home if he was giving such ‘potent’ medication. We still have no clue as to what medication, IF ANY, medication was used and to what extent. It is VERY possible that there was no medication in his system. It is also very possible that diprivan could have left his system, it only has a half life of 2-4 minutes and you need to be on a drip to have the effect of the drug. Also, the toxicology and autopsy reports do not need to be public. The family can attain an affadavit or some sort of confidentiality clause with the county so that it is never released. My guess, having worked in a hospital, they can pay off people as well to keep things quiet, OR hire PR to get this out. They hired PR to put out claims about the elephant man’s bones and the hyperbearic chamber.

    Where is his PR? You know he must have someone putting reports out and trying to clear things up right now? Or, is this a media circus to allow time for Michael to rest up for the tour?

    I also think it is extemely ironic about the multi-tracked audio and multiple angled video of his practicing with his dancers. Notice the song ‘They don’t really care about us’ is the song he’s practicing in HQ video and audio. All that’s missing is an audience? And the subliminal message of the song speaks volumes when you look at it in context to the events that were to unfold in the coming days:
    Tell me what has become of my rights, Am I invisible cause you ignore me? Your proclamation promised my free liberty now, I’m tired of being a victim of shame, they’re throwing me in a class with a bad name, I can’t beleive this is the land from which I came, You know I really do hate to say, the government don’t wanna see, but if Martin Luther was livin, he wouldn’t let this be:
    I’m not going to put the whole song in but, isn’t it just a tad bit ironic that this song is a battlecry of sorts. It’s him wanting a legacy that he fought for justice, peace, and the right to be accepted amidst adversity. Okay, fine we establish that he was an activist in many ways, so- there’s a hidden message here I think. I’m not sure what yet but things are starting to come together slowly. Either way, whatever happens all hell is going to break loose when a bombshell comes out, whether it’s him being buried or pictures or sightings or the toxicology reports. I know all hell is going to break loose.

    But, it’s great that we’re questionings the evidence now. We have to question what’s truth and what’s fabrication. Whoever started this site, keep up the good work!!!!

  60. supermom75 Said,

    yeah but earlier he had a fall and damaged 2 of his ribs no one saw that interview i did so it was not the cpr lies all lies also the family said he looked like he was sleeping um ok so what about the interview were they say that there was not an open casket because his face was not in good shape after the cpr omg what bull i did not know you could damage a face during cpr come on now don’t you think the family and the media should ge together before they talk lol get there stories straight how much is the media being paid and i heard in an interview with michael long time friend and god father to his children that michael was not poor or broke he had bought 46 4×4 for the family to play on before he died

  61. Mojofi Said,

    hhhmmm please try adn get some facts for us so we know what the fact is really.

    Is MJ gone or not? All i get is more comfustion.

    Are we too scared to cry for MJ or we don’t want to accept what we heard? Think about it.

    Am really sad and want to think MJ is even reading all this and laugthing at us.

  62. LeeAnn Said,

    At first, sorry for my english, I´m from Germany. I have a question. There were a lot of needle marks on MJs body? Ok, but why did the insurance company makes an insurance policy then? Are they blind? Or we stupid? Or what the f*** is going on here?

  63. wozniack Said,

    I have been following this blog for a week now. Good stuff. I can’t remember if this was mentioned or not, but thought I would post: http://momsword.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2248:michael-jackson-death-hoax-part-deux&catid=1:latest-reviews&Itemid=50

  64. supermom75 Said,

    that is the whole issue the remarks about the needle wholes are all lies but around hi heart it is not i guess he was not bald and he was not 112 he was 125 and the doctor who was there dr murray was not even legal to give drugs to michael in the state of cali he was not licenced there sorry for my spelling i am spanish but also note the insurance company will pay if it was drug overdose but not if it was natrual causes confusing michael hated needles that is another mystery to me he hated pain so who gave them to him i was thinking the same thing @ques about cpr i am still confused about this too and now the body gaurd comes forward says he made the phone call and the jackson have him staying with them right now hmmmm just leave it to me i am really tryin to find this out as a friend to michael i owe him that much and if he did fake it i know he would be the only one to pull it off like this

  65. supermom75 Said,

    also i just found out that debbie rowe said she wanted her kids and now she asked for a delay she has to think about it himmm so who is talking to her and how much are they paying her to let go although she does not deserve her children diana if you are reading this step in girl cause that woman sold her kids off she even said my kids do not call me mum cause i am not thier mum they are michael children as i quote her love you mikey

  66. quesarasara Said,

    The needle marks, throat/neck injections are not facts. Those are RUMORS! We cannot believe these rumors. People around him (Choppra, his old PR woman, his father, his brothers) they are all saying they really didn’t realize there was a drug problem. It’s a damn shame that we believe these claims. Those drug photos on TMZ, were found in 2004!!!! Come on! We can’t believe everything the media tells us.
    *And, you cannot possibly take 40 pills of xanax and perform the way he did on stage, let alone father children who say he’s “the best daddy you could ever imagine”. It’s fabrication people!!!! Listen to the family, the ones closest to him. They are really the only ones who know!!!!

  67. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    MY GOD. Latoya, shut be logged in a room lol. She just revealed the truth. She just said: Michael loves his fans, he always said family was 1st the fans 2nd. He is watching every singel one of you right now. Thank you for comming out and supporting him. He loves you so much. OMG. Im glad that she aint my sister, if i was ever to hoax my death LOL

  68. ejay5131 Said,

    Maybe the reason they used the imposter at o2 was so MJ could leave the US without being noticed. Anybody remember Michael Jackson “Ghosts” he played like 5 different people in and you’d never know. The nurse, Cherilyn, was on Nancy Grace spilling her acid and she first told Nancy Grace she knew MJ all her life, then about 10 minutes later Nancy asks her when she first met MJ and she says” January 2009″. I’m sorry but isn’t that only 6 months? And now they are repoting that when they raided Neverland they found syringes, IV drugs and major pills. UMMM, and no authorities looked into this?? I call BS. OKay and 40 xanaxe a night, come on, no tolerance of any drug would hold up to 40 pills a night. And about the congresswoman wanting to say Michael passed on the 25th of January and then corrected herself..she also called MJs daughter Katherine Paris, so she was obviously just confused. The media is stupid, they are all so worried about all the drugs, the allegations, the doctors, the paternity issue, the custody issue, the plastic surgery, poor Paris’s tearless “breakdown”. wheres the body etc to really ask the real question…is this death for real?? But we all know how well the media controls peoples thoughts 1993 and 2004 ring a bell. Any person with a working brain saw right through all those lies. By the way here is the finale moment of the memorial with the the ” i’m alive and here forever”

  69. Samantha Said,

    But if that wasnt the real michael jackson wouldnt they have michael’s real idenity? and know that it’s not really him? and why would the imposter do this? Did he really die? UGH, its so confusing. But it’s easy to beleive his alive, or not?

    but dead or alive, i love you michael you’re in a special place in my heart. <3

  70. supermom75 Said,

    ok 40 xanax come on now my father is a doctor he said 40 would kill you at 100 lbs you should handle 1 ml if you take more then that you will sleep all day and you will be draggy if you take to much you will jus sleep all the time and you will be draggy the next day he said and michael had energy and he was not draggy they said he has sleep ap not possible my father said if he was taking 40x xanax

  71. supermom75 Said,

    basically 40 alone would kill him so the media is dumb

  72. Samantha Said,

    Oh, afew lyrics from His song “Blood on the dancefloor”

    To escape the world I’ve got to enjoy that simple dance
    And it seemed that everything was on my side

  73. stephykat Said,

    wherever he is..I hope he is alive, and reading this site which is not as public as one thinks, someone is reading..I hope he’s laughing..he is a genius, marketing, unique and the most creative individual from this era..compared to Mozart, Shakespeare, Leonardo..a final revenge to evetyone who destroyed his career by their lack of creativity..man, such envious people all wanting a bit of talent plus the music mafia who only sees us singers and entertainers as profitable products..the more different you are the more hated u are..all focused on sexual issues that’s all “normaloids” can come up with, but sorry..yes the promoters wanted their money back, family wanted money too, it’s all an ultra capitalist i must have what he has world, except Cuba..maybe Castro wasn’t that dumb, he did quite the opposite..create the best in evety area.I do hope this teaches everyone that true talent is born with..can’t get it otherwise and to stop destroying art..why as there so much art during the Reinassance era? up to postmodernism?now?nothing..may Michael be an example and if he is alive please be happy, enjoy your world and yes, stick to your PC, and enjoy your masterpiece!!I’m at your feet and will follow your example of hard work at evety perfomance I have in the future.

  74. stephykat Said,

    p.s. watch the movie or better yet..”The Da Vinci Code”..about an order banned by the Catholic Church that does exist today, and is a well kept secret. You will begin to understand how certain people have left the gift of knowledge and art throughout the centuries and may help u understand a bit more about Michael and his messages to the world.

  75. supermom75 Said,

    you have to think his whole family was hurting in money too he owed AEG he had so they say then there is the mother went bank rupsty hmmmm but yet he was still spending how is this very confusing i used ask michael how are you still buying stuff while you are in dept he was silent about his money issues never talked about them ony the media did so the media could be way behind what michael really had and what he still needed to pay think about it how would the media know ALL his money issues got you wondering huh

  76. curious_george Said,

    Hello everyone,

    Please discuss the following…

    With so many blatant inconsistencies and things that don’t add up, why is just “us” here who are questioning things? How come people in the media, at least 1 or 2, are not asking the same questions we are? Doesn’t anyone else find this very strange?

    If MJ’s death really was all a hoax, why are law enforcement and the coroner’s office going along with it? Doesn’t that seem impossible to believe? Obviously they have a body they believe to be MJ. If it’s not the body of MJ, whose body is it? And in the case of a celeb like MJ, don’t you think they would have verified his identity through dental records or something? I have a really hard time believing that paramedics and law enforcement and the coroner’s office would be “in on” a hoax. You would think that someone would leak something to the public if there were any suspicions of something being amiss? Or hospital staff?

    Or someone from MJ’s staff…..don’t you think someone would have come forward, even anonymously, to raise suspicions such that it was actually in the mainstream news?

    And the video of MJ at the London announcement; it’s so no him…yet I see pictures from this on the news all the time. Surely his family would know that wasn’t him, surely any media people or paparazzi who’ve followed him would also be questioning this………so how come nobody has except us?

    How come nobody from CNN or major media has publicly questioned why celebs like Liza or Liz or Diana Ross or Oprah, etc. have been absent? Are the media just afraid to come across as insensitive so they don’t ask the same questions we do?

    Why has nobody in mainstream media questioned why the ambulance left MJ’s home that day, driving slow, no siren or lights….?…though it was reported doctors worked on him for an hour at the hospital?

    Where did the picture come from, the one of him supposedly in the ambulance? “WHO” provided this picture to someone? Was it a paramedic who took it with their cell phone?

    Why has nobody questioned the fact that none of the family members, children included, were seen to have any tears….not a one of them. A lot of squawking and dramatics but no actual tears.

    How come nobody in mainstream media, Jackon’s family included, is pubicly questioning how the doctor was present at MJ’s home that day, doing CPR on the bed when anyone knows that CPR should be done on a hard flat surface?

    So much doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t seem to me that anybody who has the ability to really publicy ask the questions is doing so…why?

  77. bghoppy Said,

    curious-george, I’m not sure what you are trying to say. Most of the question you have asked are why we all believe it hard to believe he is actually dead. How do we know there is actually a body? And why would coroner & PD go along? THIS IS HOLLYWOOD, BABY. That coroner’s office has it’s own TV show “Mission Road” (I don’t know how that’s legal in the first place, allowing a public official office accepting money to be a reality show that also stars dead people, who cannot consent.) And the police say that 2 weeks after a multi-millionaire died, they are now beginning to suspect foul play, but are going to wait 2-3 more weeks before investigating that angle, not to mention the death scene being opened and then researched later (about which I hear news people say that that might have given people time to remove evidence, but what seems more likely is that people would have PLANTED evidence.) I suggest reading up on some more historic posts on this site under all the articles to answer the rest of your questions and then we can discuss.

  78. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    http://www.mjinnocencebracelets.com/061230brownjackson.jpg omg ppl is this a photo of mj’s open casket?? can sum1 explain plz i hope its not… michael is alive i know it….

  79. curious_george Said,


    I have read all of the posts. And I’m left wondering why nobody but posters here are questioning the inconsistencies and things that don’t add up. Why isn’t someone from CNN or some other major news outlet asking the same questions we’re asking? The inconsistencies seem so blatant and obvious to me……….and I’m just Joe Q Public.

    Why isn’t Anderson Cooper or Soledad O’Brien pointing out the same inconsistencies that we see? You think the media would be all over a story about a famous celeb staging his death?!?!

    The fact that nobody is questioning the many things that don’t add up, makes it appear that a whole lot of people are in on this…….but wouldn’t that be risky? The more people in on it, the greater the chance that someone will ‘talk’?

    On a side note, I was watching part of the memorial on Youtube this evening. When they were singing “We Are the World”, I was floored to see MJ’s kids in the front row, smiling ear to ear and singing along….almost like they were on stage at some school concert. Bizarre. I can’t even imagine being that happy and jovial when standing a few feet in front of my father’s casket, not even 2 weeks after he died. The whole memorial, frankly, was rather surreal and phony in a lot of ways.

    I can understand why MJ would have wanted to ‘disappear’ and get away from the stress and pressure and demands and money issues and media………but to stage your own death, and your family members to be a part of it, there is something very unethical and creepy about it.

  80. dynamite Said,

    Omg where did u get that picture from? we still cant see his face on it

  81. curious_george Said,

    TO: MichaelJacksonIsStillALive……..take a deep breath! That picture is most certainly not of MJ in the casket; that’s a picture of MJ kissing James Brown (in casket) on the forehead:


  82. Andrew Said,

    That is NOT a picture of MJ coffin. It is actually a picture from James Brown funeral, he had the same type of coffin, and the person kissing Brown in the coffin is actually Michael.
    You can see another photo here

    Michael is alive, people!

  83. TheTruthSeeker Said,

    To be honest, when I first looked at that photo, the person who was kissing the body looks more like Michael to me… And I don’t know, could it possibly be photoshopped?

  84. m2kg Said,

    That’s Michael kissing James Brown when James Brown passed away.

  85. m2kg Said,

    Supposedly, it’s the same casket just a different interior.

  86. ejay5131 Said,

    That is Michael Jackson at James Browns funeral..

    To”michaeljacksonisstillalive” post#78

  87. idontknow Said,

    That’s not a photo of MJ’s casket. It’s a photo of James Brown’s open casket – MJ leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

  88. wozniack Said,

    michaeljacksonisstillalive, that is not his casket. It’s a photo of him kissing James Brown’s casket: http://www.strangecosmos.com/content/item/122258.html

  89. mjlives Said,

    that’s not a picture of mj’s casket it’s actually MJ hovering over James Brown’s casket. strange though that he too had a gold plated casket, and that MJ supposedly died exactly six months to the day that james brown one of his idols did (december 25)??

    also somewhere else on this site people were saying the hands of the o2 guy don’t match MJ’s therefore he had to be an imposter. well i studied the lines on both hands carefully and i have to say they’re pretty similar. it could’ve been MJ. but if it was it raises all new questions- why was he acting so trippy and out of it? why did he keep saying “this is it” as if he knew he wasn’t going to be around much longer? maybe that was the final time he would ever stand onstage in front of a crowd and the realization of it made him act weird.. who knows. all i know is this whole thing doesn’t add up. i’m not much of a mj fan love his music but didn’t pay much attention to his personal life (none of my business) so im definitely not “in denial” or anything frankly if he died in a way it’s good as he won’t have to put up with the pressure of crazy fans and huge debts and always being in the limelight god knows he probably deserved some downtime but this whole death thing has been shady from the start and i like many of you won’t stop wondering until we get some real answers for once

  90. smileygirl24 Said,

    has anyone seen this??


  91. smileygirl24 Said,

    omg MICHAEL is really alive
    someone pleeeeeeeeease explain this picture for me please?
    Is it really what i think it is?
    Michael kissing his impersonator on the forehead OPEN CASKET>?
    Or am i just going crazy?? LOL

    OMG am like freaking out I Love You Michael FOREVER !!


  92. supermom75 Said,

    lol no sorry that is james browns and mj kissing his forhead sorry @ michaeljacksonsstillalive lol love the name

  93. Sosh Said,

    That picture from the open casket seems to be placed on an odd location (next to a parking lot?)

    Also there are no people easily recognizable. And the person that bends over the casket looks like it could be MJ (compare hair and his pale hands). Could this be pictures from James Brown funeral? He had the same casket as Michael.

  94. supermom75 Said,

    @currious_george mike had the money and the brains and the mean to get what ever he wanted in life so let me tell you this if you were famouse and you hade billions of dollar and then you started feeling like you company was tryin to wear you thin and your staf was taking advantage of you and the media was talking bad about you and you had dedicated you life the world tried to make it a better plae healed children around the world made guiness world records for most charities buy a music artist and everyone just wants wants wants and jermaine he keeps talking about how michael wanted this jackson 5 reunion far from it he did not he had talked about the jackson 4 with his kids but he never wanted to work under his father again with his brothers jermaine was hurting in 2007 he was broke was having his children sleep in the same room as him and his girlfriend janet had perscription made out to her in other ppls names by the same doctor mj used so there is alot to ask for help here don’t you think he work really close with the white house and with the police alot so i think he decided to make a mess at first and open up the worlds eyes to the pl around us and the sick media that is destroying our beautiful planet and corupting our children

  95. Dutch Said,

    If you ask me, that image is an image of the open casket of James Brown with MJ saying his goodbyes to the Godfather of Soul

  96. AnMJfan Said,

    The photo that is showed 2 posts above is Michael Jackson and the open casket of James Brown …

  97. LeeAnn Said,

    @ MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive: That is MJ on the Casket of James Brown.

  98. VanillaCream Said,

    It´s a pic of the coffin and memorial service of James Brown. And as you can see: Michael kisses James goodbye.

  99. Dutch Said,

    Just some food for thought….MJ headlines in 2009 prior to his “death”:

    1.7.2009: – Rumor surfaces that MJ has only six months to live. http://scandalist.thefablife.com/2009-01-07/enquirer-gives-michael-jackson-six-months-to-live/
    3.7.2009: Announces “This is it” tour
    5.16.2009: Rumor surfaces that Mj suffers skin cancer. Just read the following http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/article2432611.ece
    5.23.2009: 5 first dates of the This is it concerts postponed. http://showhype.com/story/michael_jackson_postpones_this_is_it_tour_dates/
    6.12.2009: Allgood entertainment files a lawsuit claiming $40 million – http://www.qdmag.com/allgood-entertainment-files-40m-lawsuit-against-michael-jackson/

    6.25.2009: MJ “dies”?

    If you ask me….it is too much coincidence all together, especially when taking notice of all the mysteries, contradictions and smokescreens after his “death”. Moreover, it seems after his death no one in the media is questioning anything about what was happening in the recent 6 months and I keep asking myself the question “Why?” Why are they jumping so much on the drug related issues, like they want to shove it down my throat with force.

    Again, I have mentioned before, I was not a fan of MJ (I am a metal fan to the bone), but the extensive media coverage made me extremely curious (and suspicious).

  100. carelesslove46 Said,

    Yes, I’m with you on this one Dutch..There is something really strange going on..Just when I am convinced beyond doubt that Michael did die..I find something else..I too have been going back over the last few month’s of Michael’s life..LaToya Jackson is saying Michael never agreed to do the 50 concert’s booked..Only 10.
    She is claiming he was pushed into it..That he was
    “meek”..I dont know if I agree with that now..I have seen footage of Micheal giving a speech about the
    dispute he had with SONY..
    He doesn’t come across as someone with no balls..Lets put it that way. He made his
    feelings about the matter
    very clear..Even going so far
    as to call the boss of SONY a “devil”..I think all this
    stuff has purposely been
    ‘put out there’ as it were.
    I’m not a die hard fan either. I’m more of an Elvis
    fan..But there is something
    odd here.

  101. carelesslove46 Said,

    LaToya also mentions going to Michael’s house and seeing oxygen tanks and pill bottles etc..I am surprised that she was even allowed in.
    Investigation’s would not have been completed at that time and the house would have
    been considered a possible
    crime scene by police..I wouldn’t have thought that
    even family members would have been allowed inside the property until more extensive investigations had
    been completed.

  102. Goldie Said,

    to Curies<`? george

    the media only wants "Bad" stuff like in a interview michael said "wenn i do good stuff to kids and the world media dosn´t cover it they only want bad stuff <<

    sorry if you cant read it i am from denmark

  103. ejay5131 Said,

    OMG #90…that is the craziest ever. Everybody check it out..the Billie Jean perfomrmancr WOW!!

  104. wishful09 Said,


    People like you and many others on this site make me happy. At least you are suspicious. It’s so odd to me that others find nothing suspicious about Michael’s death. And they latch onto everything they see or hear in the media. They could say Michael ate furniture and people would come forward and say yeah say I saw Michael eathing a table or something. It has gotten too forced. So, something as crazy as being addicted to Diprivin has jsut been accepted by every news outlet. I do not believe Michael was any of the things the media has been saying. My uncle is addicted to far less than what they are claiming Michael to have been addicted to, and my uncle can barely walk good at times. There is no way Michael could be up dancing like he was.

  105. curious_george Said,

    ^^^ Isn’t it also very hard to believe that that day after his alleged death (I believe it was the next day?), 2 moving vans were seen leaving his home; one reportedly was empty, the other contained some of his belongings (what, I’m not sure). I find it hard to believe that ANYONE, including family, would have been allowed to enter a possible crime scene and remove anything or potentially destroy or damage evidence? Wasn’t it also reported (not sure where I read it, or the validity of the source) that 2 million dollars was missing from his home? (something about him always keeping large amounts of cash on hand).

    Is it possible that the family was/is in on this ‘hoax’ and they went to his home the next day, under the thinly veiled guise of removing valuable items of his so they wouldn’t be stolen, etc….but in actuality, they were really there to check for any traces of ‘evidence’ that might have inadvertantly been left that would blow the ‘hoax’?

  106. electron Said,

    Also, doesn’t anyone else find it strange that there is a photograph, allegedly of Michael Jackson before he is taken away by the ambulance and none taken when he arrived at the hospital and was being taken out of the ambulance…surely if the media supposedly took the one of him being loaded into the ambulance, there would have been photographers ready at the hospital when he arrived to take photographs…there is also no footage that i have seen of him arriving at the hospital by ambulance …has anyone seen any footage of this and of him being carried into the hospital?

    Also, in relation to Michael’s alleged drug addiction, fellow child star and a close friend of Michael’s, Mark Lester, in an interview on British tv, a few days after he died, said that he didn’t recognise that side of Michael at all and that Michael wouldn’t even take an aspirin…this seems to contrast greatly with media reports of Jackson…so who should we believe? I would be more inclined to trust a close friend of his over the media…maybe then the drugs overdose story and the drugs supposedly found at his home were a cover up…
    The only thing is that Mark seems very genuine and towards the end shows how upset he is at Michael’s death…however maybe he wasn’t aware of the hoax at this time. He also denies that it was not the real Michael at the O2 in March announcing his tour, if it was the real Michael, that doesn’t however conflict with the fact that Michael might still be alive…

    Here is the link to the interview with Mark Lester

  107. Sweedishgirl Said,

    But have you thought about that several newspapers are writing about:

    That he only travel by car …. Have not heard so much about any helicopter would be involved. (There is film of a helicopter flight)

    But if he would have gone helicopter why it will not to him whether he now is in urgent need of help!

    And on helikoper the video you can see that he is not fixed, wrapped with a white cloth on which is then when he entered in another amulans ..

    And why would he really be firmly wound around a stretcher if he needed urgent help? Another thing is that those giant long wait at the helicopter before the white amubulansen running up to them. (Ambulasen is perhaps 40 – 50 away)

    The last thing I responded to was that really so, nobody knows Journal ambulnas what it is because there are too many different varieties of ambulances coming from different hospitals … A red ambulnas has appeared in many newspapers. What we have in the way video is only a white car!

  108. supermom75 Said,

    i am sorry but i found this pic and i am goin to tell u this is not michael it looks like a white guy with alot of work done to his face it is not michael in this pic at all

  109. wishful09 Said,

    Thank you for the link, electron. You also made some good points. Why havent we seen any pictures of him arriving at the hospital. If they can get pictures of Hillary Duff at the hospital, Im sure they would have broke their necks to get a picture of Michael.

  110. Arual1979 Said,

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted this story or not. Foxnews had reported that MJ collapsed in his living room when he was playing with his oldest son. I thought MJ was found in his bedroom? And even if he did collapse in the living room, he was then moved to the bedroom? That doesn’t make sense. I’m very confused now, but here is the link to the story….


  111. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.
    MJHD Admin

  112. loveandpeace Said,

    Now it’s said that he was in Dr.Murray’s room. Well we can say one thing, the Enquirer was right for once, theoretically.

  113. YOY Said,

    what in the world! that fox story and everything else is ridiculous! my main concern was the interview i saw a couple of days ago with Joe Jackson and their long time family friend Majestik Magnificent, it was just really really odd. I cant find anything in a link about their interview at all!! did anyone else watch this?

  114. Andrea Said,

    to yoy – I SAW SOME OF THE INTERVIEW! I could not take that guy seriously though..I don’t think I could take anyone seriously with the name of ‘Mahestik Magnificent’.

  115. Andrea Said,

    Majestik******** UGH! Gosh I suck at typing lately. MY BRAIN IS IN KNOTS!

  116. ejay5131 Said,

    with regards to the ambulance video,

    Is it this drivers first day…why does he need like 3 people guiding him out as he backs up.

    Why are the guys in the black suits so casually standing there, not even pushing people away as they film? Yet they sure try to beat the hell outta people when MJ is leaving Drs offices and people are trying to get pics and stuff.

    Nobody knows why the ambulance is there or for who, yet the guy filming says” were not sure if Mj is dead or not” how do they know they were there for MJ?


    after seeing that the front of MJs house has a round about drive way WHY DID THEY NEED TO BACK UP THE AMBULANCE?????

  117. He.is.alive Said,

    loveandpeace: my hunch is tons more of those disctractor rhetorics are forthcoming …

    Answers to question numerous blogers have posted like: who IS the guy in the ambulance ? Moreover: with a cardiac arrest patient clinging to life depending on care from the EMT’s, who ??? had time to take the picture that has been floated ? Obviously, somebody had to have been instructed to take it, or, was somebody paid a huge sum to do take it and float it, even though the “patient” looks no more like Michael jackson does then the man in the moon !

    Why? did Dr. Conrad disappear for 24 hours after the “incident” and once he turned up, cops pussyfooted around him ?

    Why is there absolutely no photo of “dead” Michael for his millions of fans to view and gain closure ?

    The shindig, ehm .. memorial at Staples center with attendees some of whom never even met MJ ? Where ?? were his dearest closest friends and why ? did they stay away ?

    Why did the casket after the memorial service “disappear” with heliocopters hovering above in the air ? HOW ? could they have lost track of it ?

    Why are any of his closest friends are NOT speaking out ?

    Why the “fake” Michael Jackson at the London press conference ?

    Why the old video footage from the history tour ?

    Why the blue lettering “I am alive and will live forever” ??

    One could really spend time upon time to list and go on listing the strange factors surrounding MJ’s alleged death ?

    Only ONE other celebrity’s “death” stirred as much controversy: Elvis’ and not Frank Sinatra’s for example or Sammy Davis Jr. as another ?

    Farrah Fawcett’s death was as normal as could be, but of course, she did die and her burial was public …

    Dear Jackson Family, in case you are reading entries on this blog, know this: we are not all stupid and we are ONTO THIS … we KNOW Michael is alive somewhere and we hope that he is safe and enjoying peace, STOP the madness and this net of lies …if you dont not come forward with the truth yourselves, it WILL catch up with you .. GOD help you !!!!!!

  118. MJFAN1972 Said,

    Hi, I’m new here. I’d like to add, you people think all that is weird? Try wrapping your mind around this. They say MJ was cremated so how are they doing a second autopsy? You know what? now that you mention it, I do remember Latoya saying that MJ loves his fans very much, She was talking about him in a present sense and not a past sense. I thought she meant from heaven but she talked like he was very much alive. Some people say he faked his death to get out of performing at the concert. That part I don’t believe but I think the concert was supposed to make his death more convincing by setting the concert all up, rehearsals if there were any was supposed to make us feel everything was fine and mysteriously, he dies.Regardless of his fans buying the tickets. This whole death thing doesn’t add up which also gives me the reason to feel that he is very much alive oh and btw, he purchased a home somewhere in a foreign country b4 this took place.

  119. dancer1792 Said,

    I agree with what everyone else has said, but I wanted to mention something that no one has pointed out. The paparazzi who took the last picture gave an interview. He said that he knew MJ and that MJ always remebered him. I also thought it was interesting that the guy who said that he was a good friend of MJ also said that he had no moral issue with selling the picture to the highest bidder. It might just be me, but I would’ve had an issue with selling a picture of my friend who has just passed away.

    He says that he didn’t know that MJ had passed away until a half hour later when he heard it on the news. Why did he not go to the hospital to take more pictures? Wouldn’t he continue to “do business” as he puts it and try to get a bigger story? Or am I the only one who thinks that this is strange?

    Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VR-HSc2aM4

  120. Sosh Said,


    It could always have been the plan. Creating a hype around MJ with thos 50 concerts. Get him in the news almost every week, bad or good, doesn’t matter.

    Get him back to the King of Pop title, without doing anything where Michael is really needed. And just before the start of the concerts: Letm ‘die’

    This could be one of the sickest markteing campaings ever. But it works. Everyone is talking MJ, Records sales are boosted and on par in his glory days. Mission acclompished.

  121. Samantha Said,

    Yeah, i heard that to Apparently Michael collapsed on the living room floor and his Son thought he was “mucking” around, So why hasn’t the son said anything about it? Quite strange… and even more strange when they found him on the Bed, couldnt michael ring someone up? because apparently michael was saying he didnt feel too good? I don’t beleive about the drugs, Michael said in an interview that he hated Drugs & Alcohol… but another side is saying he took over 40 pain killers each day. They were prescription drugs, so maybe…

    Argh! This is so confusing, and it is werid how the News isnt asking the same questions, i think they’re just over and done with it, and the media too, They Got there fair share of Money in the media they don’t care they had enough proof but we have even more proof.

    Michael, i hope you’re alive out there somewhere <333

  122. Samantha Said,

    woops, by even more proof i mean more proof that were right about his alive and they’re wrong.

  123. Alfaomega Said,

    Hi everybody,thi is the first time I post.

    Dancer 1792,I agree with agree with you, as well as with everybody else here.

    I saw the video and I noticed something else:
    take a good look at the video in this interview with the papparazi ,who suposedly took the last photo of MJ.

    Stop the video at 0:54…there´s a guy with a RED t-shirt with a camera.

    Now stop it at 1:27 …ups…the man with the caamera has a YELLOW t-shirt.

    Now stop it at 3:08-3:10 ther´s again the man with the YELLOW t-shirt.

    This is another proof that the photo is not real.

    The papparazy show the photograph at 3:08-3:10 as a
    “proof” that someone in his team took the suposedly last photo of MJ.
    Na,na.Minute 0:54 shows something else.

    Please,comment on this.

  124. Alfaomega Said,

    Here´s the link to the interview with the papparazi

  125. mjj29081958 Said,

    alfaomega: if the pic was taken at 00:54 or 01:27 min, where is the red car in the left angle of the complete pic??

  126. melluvsmike25 Said,


    Hmmm that is suspicious. Makes you wonder????

  127. ejay5131 Said,

    The dude that took the pic did say that there was two of them working for the picture, One was doing stills and one was video taping. However, that should mean for at least some of the ambulance video we would see them together, side by side. He’s bs-ing

  128. Ninanina Said,

    And the one, who called the ambulance said, that there was only te doctor…

    “Also there were the pop star’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, his longtime friend and one-time manager, Frank DiLeo, and a security guard named Tippy.”


  129. Ninanina Said,

    You can see the guys on this video between 1:32 and 1:33.

    First the guy wth the red shirt and another one with a white(?) shirt, who probably shot THE pic.

  130. MJFAN1972 Said,

    That was my initial thought as well.

  131. Shauna Said,

    If this is all a hoax, why would Michael want his fans to think he was an addict? I know about the insurance policy having an overdose clause but as much bad press MJ got when he was alive why would he want all this bad press after he died? I don’t believe for one second that he stayed hooked up to IV drips for hours at a time. I don’t blame him for wanting to fake his death. I hope he is alive hiding somewhere. Love you always Michael.

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