Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?


“THIS IS IT! – Isolation Cam – Audition Final – LA Staples Center
This is the full 4:16 raw and unedited clip released by AEG Live Group of the June 23rd, Staples Center Rehearsal and Final Cut Audition [no Network Logos], showing MJ observing, relaxed but frantically chewing gum, then standing, and briefly addressing dancers chosen for O2 London tour. The second half is the clip you’ve seen all over the media and YouTube.”

It seems very odd to us that the first clip of Michael Jackson at these Rehearsals has him looking as we had all seen him during that time…the shoulder-length straight hair. But the clip which is cut directly after that which is supposedly of Michael Rehearsing for these concerts, shows him with Long Curly Hair, which is reminiscent of his style from several years ago. Why would he wear a wig of a hairstyle he had several years ago for a concert in 2009?

Could it be possible that the footage of Michael Jackson ‘Rehearsing’ for these London O2 Concerts was in fact a rehearsal from several years ago…cut together on the same tape, to make us all think that he was doing the rehearsals the night before he died, just like AEG told us….when in fact he was already hiding out, half way around the world, ready willing and able to put his whole Death Hoax Plan in Place?


NB: Thank you to Francesca for bringing this to our attention.

  1. Iknowitall Said,

    Yeah. This has be released for sometime now.. He wears wigs. He has patches of hair missing from the pepsi commercial burn that never grew back in.. He wears wigs. That would explain the difference in hairstyles..

    This audion tape was taken back in april also. The rehearsal videos were made just days before his uh.. ‘death’… That is why he looked so different..

  2. Iknowitall Said,

    But for real.. All BS aside. We can safely say that the person in the begining of the video is NOT Michael right? What are your thoughts?

  3. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    ummmm okay, does anyone know if MJ is known for using the same routines and songs in the same order evrytime he performs, cos on the 1995 MTV awards, the music and stuff is in the exact order i just heard it on the first half of the video. besides who knows if the first half is the same day as the second half ?
    does anyone agree ?

  4. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael is not wearing wigs. How the hell will you explain the hair, beeing on his head, evertime it is Wind-i? LOL. It would fly away. yes he have had some surgery, that is right. But he is not wearing wigs. I am almost sure of that.( But not completely sure) I have just as many curls as Michael, but my hair looks very diffrent 2. Everyday.

  5. james44 Said,

    One of the key things is to check the chick guitarist rehearsing with Michael in the video, she’s Australian and only recently became sorta famous since the grammys i think and i think she’s done an interview related to the rehearslas i’m not sure if someone wants to check it out. But yeah I think the Michael rehearsing was Michael days before he ‘died’ but has anyone checked if the one at the start is an imposter?

  6. nycscenie Said,

    I agree with iknowitall

  7. nycscenie Said,

    Also if the second part of the vid was made several years ago, howcome in the pic of him performing, the backsground had the lit up sign; “This Is It”.

  8. Samantha Said,

    so, you’re saying that is the real mj? or not… i don’t really get this…? someone please explain

  9. Iknowitall Said,

    Ok well MyBelovedMJ. You can be sure of what you want to be ’sure’ of.. I am sure and he did wear wigs.. Did you know that there are wigs that cost above and beyond thousands of dollars because of how real they can appear to be?

    That’s not my point. My point is, he was wearing them and I know that first hand..

    The first half of the video is not the same day… They are months apart actually.

  10. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    @MyBelovedMJ :
    As much as i love MJ, he did wear wigs, and about it blowing away in the wind, their are soo many people in the world who are bald and who hav wigs. Theyve got stuff to kepp it on their heads. Anyway, whats up wid janet? she thinks he was actually murdered :S im soo confused, does anyone else hav any other news ?

  11. Francesca Said,

    Michael had to change his hairdo because he needed his ears to be hidden. It seems like bits of skin and cartilage have been hacked off for years to rebuild his nose. Michael has managed to hide the damage under his long hair since the late 1990s when he first had tissue removed.
    There you go:

  12. bghoppy Said,

    nycscenie, it’s only in the pic you see that back ground, but not in the live action. Same stage they are walking on, with that ladderish thing in the middle, this it it is not behind him.
    How long has that blonde guitarist been with him. Has it alsways been the same chick? And it seems weird that if he hated Debbie Rowe so much, why would he want to dance up close to a girl with similiar hair-do and body type?
    But yeah, that is clearly not him in the beginning, and I am finding any pictures or film of him taken within the last six months suspect. It bothers me to see they used some pics in the memorial that aren’t him either. I wonder if he ever sent a double into court for him. You know that had to be tempting as hell.

  13. Francesca Said,

    About La Toya, my question is: why does she tell this NOW?

  14. Andrea Said,

    Francesca you are so right! I want to know why A LOT of these so called ’sources’ and other people are coming out NOW with all of this dirt and/or ‘facts’ surrounding MJ.

  15. Andrea Said,

    To people wondering if faking your death is illegal here is your answer (dunno how legitamite it is but there are lawyers on the site so I’m guessing it’s somewhat reliable)

    Is faking your death illegal? What if they don”t entirely fake there death but just have someone tell a person that they died?

    Accepted Answer
    Its not likely a crime unless you are doing it to defraud someone out of money or some other benefit.
    It could, however, potentially be a civil wrong as it could be seen as intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. If that were the case, you may be held liable for pain and suffering damages and medical (ie. counseling) costs.

    source -

  16. charliechaplin Said,

    What I notice is: on the video where he is dancing ‘they don’t care about us’, there is no ‘THIS IS IT’ at the back. But on this photo, the ‘THIS IS IT’ is behind hin:


    I you notice, in the photo as well as the video where he’s practicing, he is wearing the same clothes. The only difference is the ‘THIS IS IT’ on the picture. Could it have been photoshoped?

  17. Francesca Said,

    I really hope it’s not Michael the one in the beginning. Otherwise I’m going to have nightmares at night. I wish I could see him more clearly.

  18. Andrea Said,

    however, if you click ‘read more’ on the site, it is elaborated as more of a ‘wanting to get out of a relationship type faked-death’

    However, I still think the answer is quite plausable with MJ’s case. Anyone else think so? I have no idea anymore! MY BRAIN MIGHT EXPLODE!

  19. dynamite Said,

    yah why tell us all this now and not before?? there are so many stories going around i dnt knw what to believe anymore

  20. quesarasara Said,

    La Toya, I’m not sure if she’s really really smart or really really stupid? I REALLY feel like this is a cover-up. The police didn’t suspect foul play in the beginning, now they do, and now he’s a severe drug addict. Did he look like a severe drug addict in that video above? I think not! And he DOES wear wigs, his doctor said so on Larry King. I think that doctor only tells half truths, but even in the documentary 6 years ago, MJ was wearing wigs definitely. I’m surprised that this “news of the world” tabloid is shit. It’s a rag, the Brits love their rags and so do Americans. However, they didn’t even source the article correctly.

    Whatever, I mean, when the evidence comes out then we’ll know. Until then, we can only question things. I’m not about to believe this article, unless it’s meant to be a cover-up for the fact that he’s resting and needs to plan his comeback or even retreat. Maybe he’s in IOWA right now in the middle of a cornfield in a mansion with dolphins in his swimming pool and a rented ice cream truck telling stories to the locals. WHO KNOWS!?!?!? We need to question.

    Also, interesting how that medic wasn’t on top of MJ resuming compressions, eh? Sheds more light on why the sirens weren’t on, and why that idiot who called 911 didn’t say it was MJ who went into cardiac arrest.

    I don’t know anymore, I’m confused. But this site is great and I’m so glad I get to voice my opinions here. Even if I’m mumbling. I hope the family sees our concern someday. I also wonder why if he was such a drug addict, no one came forward?? Liz Taylor, Uri Gellar, the Hiltons, they all have PR power, not to mention loads of money to help at least bring someone to him to help… I’m just not buying this drug addict stuff.

  21. feyaya Said,

    i think it could have been photshopped. and is it really him in the beginning of the vid? i thought it wasn’t til he took off his glasses, then it looked a little more like him. i know he chews gum like it’s the best kind he ever had, but i thought in the vid it was a bit exaggerated.

  22. james44 Said,

    bghoppy, the guitarist is a chick from Australia and she’s new i don’t know much about her but she got noticed like a few months ago…

  23. goslinger1 Said,

    What concerns me is if indeed Michael’s family knew about this “hoax,” why on earth is LaToya saying she knows Michael was murdered and will continue to pursue legal action against them?

    Wouldn’t they rather not make a big stink about things and be happy that the public “bought” the hoax? This doesn’t make sense to me?

    I want desperately to believe Michael is alive, but the more this drags on, the more bizarre the whole story gets.

  24. Andrea Said,

    I’d like to add, as I have said in another post on here, has anyone ever considered the fact that MAYBE, just MAYBE he DID have a heart attack, but is now either in a coma (as news first reported) and/or is very very weak due to the alleged ‘heart attack’. Or that maybe he is in a vegitable state? It has crossed my mind, me and my mother have been talking about that possibility. However, I do hope and wish that he is alive and WELL or at least in the process of GETTING well.

  25. Iknowitall Said,

    I tell you what. He takes off those glasses in the first half and that does NOT look like him.. Does it?

  26. He.is.alive Said,

    The spinning of the net of lies from the Jacksons, AEG and the media is getting out of control, too many cooks are spoiling this meal big time! The other problem is that this “death escape” has not been staged as well as Elvis’ .. NONE of Elvis’ inner circle made such a media splash about his “death” as the Jackson/AEG camp is doing, they let it die a natural death and it did. It did until some doubters started digging and came up with facts and evidence that Elvis is ALIVE, both Priscilla and Lisa Marie were tripped up in interviews and have since then not given any further ones. Back in the 70’s, Elvis was a star as big if not bigger as MJ is now, 2+ decades later.

    Way too much information has been leaked and keeps leaking and is getting totally distorted, but then again, perhaps this is EXACTLY what they want to happen: confuse Confusion and let’s see where it goes, OR: did Michael Jackson WANT all of this publicity for his own reasons ? With these people, anything is possible. Once this all dies down, just like in the case of Elvis’, doubters WILL START DIGGING and find out stuff, NO LIE has been known to hold up and the truth WILL see the sunlight one way or another, sooner or later.

    The madness will not stop until the last drop of blood has been sucked out of this by the media, what a “lovely” memorial to Michael Jackson … tsk tsk .. a man who entertained the masses and made the Guinness book of records as the MOST CHARITABLE and GENEROUS celebrity e v e r .. he certainly deserves better then what he is getting.

  27. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    wat could be the possibe dates that we should keep in mind for the ‘comeback’ if there is one that is?
    - july 13th (start of the original concert)

    -august 29th (his birthday)

    -december 31st (new years eve)

    -july 25th (one month after his death)

    -june 25th (one year after his death)

    does anyone else know any other key dates ?

  28. Samantha Said,

    Yeah, he does wear wigs, not trying to make fun of him or anything, because his hair is stiff and that.

  29. charliechaplin Said,

    Hi Moderators,

    I’m re-posting the comment I did at 2:15 because the link I used had errors.

    Pls post this comment & delete my 1st. Thanks.

    Here’s my comment:

    What I notice is: On the video, there is no ‘THIS IS IT’ at the back. But on this photo:


    the ‘THIS IS IT’ is behind him.

    If you notice, in that photo as well as on the video, MJ is wearing the same clothes. And the only difference is the ‘THIS IS IT’ that’s missing. Could it have been photoshoped?

    Or maybe, the rehearsal DID REALLY OCCUR but they were just for ’show’ just so they could present something after his ‘death’. Which explains why they did the old routine.

  30. loveandpeace Said,

    If he did fake his death, why is everyone making him look so bad? Why would his family want him to look like a drug addict? Or is that just the media wanting that? Maybe they didn’t know that it would be blown out of proportions.
    Also, i didn’t even know he was Jehovah’s Witness. In an interview with, i think Geraldo, Michael said very meaningfully said, “i believe in God,” Jesus says to act like the children, and other stuff about children. He seems like he loved Jesus.

  31. bghoppy Said,

    Andrea, I love all your posts. I think the legal problems ( i know someone arleady mention this) will come from pissed off taxpayer in LA over the costs of the memorial, which i know they are miffed about already.

    Another thing about the kids. Why does no one mention how horrible it must be to one day have your dad (and only parent) die, and the next day you learn he is not in fact your blood relative. I’m sure they knew something, but still no one worried about how such stories will or would impact them. I’m begging to think blanket looks alot like Miko Brando. And did everyone know Jermaine has a kid with no known mother? And a kid named Jermagesty, and a nephew named Royalty? just saying

  32. bghoppy Said,

    Just one more thought to ponder: I hope we all realize, without a doubt some of the Jacksons are reading everything on this site. There is no way they haven’t.

  33. loveandpeace Said,

    TIME’S even buying into it, sort of.


    The title says it all.

  34. Iknowitall Said,

    Found this video.. EXTREMELY interesting…


  35. carelesslove46 Said,

    Michael is just wearing his hair differently in the beginning of the video. My son has long wavey hair and frequently straighten’s it with a straightener and gel.
    It’s really not that hard to do. For the other footage Michael is just dressed down, casual like..He is rehearsing and has just tied his hair, in it’s natural state back. There really is no mystery here that I can see. I certainly dont believe that he lost his hair and had to resort to wigs..Love to all.x

  36. loveandpeace Said,

    I like How Michael’s guitarist Jennifer Batten says RIP MJ on her website, and then the excessive use of the word “WHATEVER” everywhere. What was the point of that? Also, a few days ago she announced that she will be doing some sort of Camp Rock for kids this summer. Looks like she recovered very well and fast? She planned this Camp thing very quickly, i thought she was going on tour with Michael this summer, not doing a Camp for kids. She must just be really quick at filling her schedule.

  37. loveandpeace Said,

    I forgot. http://www.jenniferbatten.com/

  38. Usagi Said,

    If that’s Michael at the beginning of the video, he sure looks and acts different. He doesn’t look like the guy announcing the This IS It concerts and wow.. is he nervous or what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 50-year-old chew gum.. that fast!

  39. mjhoaxisforsure Said,

    charliechaplin you are right!
    If you check the pic you’ll notice that the letter s behind MJ body has been erased!
    just made a test in phostoshop with the s that appears before an paste it behind it!

  40. bghoppy Said,

    Why hasn’t the smoking gun site posted any of these inditements and other legal proceedings?

  41. carelesslove46 Said,

    Liz Taylor gave an interview for Michael years ago..Saying how he had gone to rehab for prescription drug addiction..Damn, I wish I knew where I saw that vid. I would post the link..If I can find it again I will post it..x

  42. carelesslove46 Said,

    goslinger1, I agree with you. If it were a hoax the family wouldn’t be making such a fuss now would they?
    You have bought up a very important and obvious point.
    The real mystery is the people that were surrounding Michael in his last days.
    I hope LaToya keeps pushing..She is a ‘gutsy lady’ and I know she will find the truth.x

  43. CuteAngel Said,

    The guitarist chick as well as a couple of the dancers appeared on Larry King Live a few days following MJ’s ‘death’. They all seemed unusually composed throughout the interview – especially since they had supposedly been practicing with MJ just hours before he ‘died’.

  44. Samantha Said,

    Uhhm, he does wear wigs. It’s pretty obvious, because its really stiff and that.. (not to make fun or anything)

  45. jackoisalive21 Said,

    hey guys,can i just say im loving the site and reading what everyone thinks about the whole situation. i must say i dont know if jackson worse/wears wigs but i honestly think that in the first video where he is watching he had to straighened but when he did the full dress rehersal he curled his hair the way he wanted it during the concert? anyone else agree?

    its totally sus how many many people referred to him in present tence rather then past tence, everything about this “death” is dodgey.

  46. jackoisalive21 Said,

    also can i just say about the “THIS IS IT” thing in the background, in my view you can cleary see that they dropped it down for what i think must have been the first song or maybe that picture was taken during a test then they decided to take it out? i definetly dont think its photoshopped, anyone agree?

  47. Happytomato Said,

    Cops removed two dustbin bags-full of prescription drugs from the house.

    But La Toya insisted vegetarian Jacko had told her he was on a six-month DETOX.

  48. atomvseve Said,

    Notice how the “S” in “This is It” is not seen between Michael’s legs.
    It just seems like the “S” would be bigger.

    Perhaps it was photoshopped.

  49. MissC Said,


    this guy could really well be part of this. Maybe “the Michael” who was rushed to the hospital? I mean, he resembles from the one in the ambulance, and we know Mike is much paler, very much, and he would even more considering the fact he “was dying”.

    Also, daily mail published this a few hours ago http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1199092/La-Toya-Jacks on-Michael-murdered–I-felt-start.html I don’t know if I should believe considering it’s LaToyas and daily mail is a tabloid but anyway. I hope the truth (whatever it is) come out soon, it always does.

    (Sorry for posting this twice, I meant it to write it here).

  50. supermom75 Said,

    @carelesslove46 of course they would you have to sothey do not find out about him alive they have to play it to the fullest i just think it got out of hand for them and they are tryin to cover thier tracks that is all you know it is not 1977 when elvis died we have technoligy now

  51. AngelW Said,

    I looked verry clearly, first his hair is short and a wig, and with the rehearsel curly and long and his own hear by the way. AEG think to Fool us.
    Cause 2 site’s are going on searching for Michael and the true. By the way, Latoya start to talk to..
    give me a break, the whole family knows Michael is alive and well, yehh and we to.

  52. AngelW Said,

    So the whole family become famous again…This Hoax must be worked on for month’s by the whole family, including the children, and also to learn paris cry..


  53. AngelW Said,

    Well I’ll forgot also one thing;)


  54. AngelW Said,

    sorry the wrong url above..
    here is the right one and please sign my beautifull guestbook too;)


  55. supermom75 Said,

    @love and peace because as i said on anothe page his insurance will ony cover drug overdose not natrual causes so he wants them to cash in and then wham

  56. supermom75 Said,

    and check how many time latoyas story has been tossed around it is crazy





    i mean look at all the plablicity they are getting and loving it man i know they are did you know that they get paid to do interview with magazines his family is not ok i had said this in my head before and his kids are not safe with joe he is already talking about putting them in buissness man and grace she is an insane woman who was inlove with michael from the time he was a kid she was obbsessed with him so what does this say i am just tryin to figure out where the doctor fits in why is he in it why would he want to kill michael hmmmm michael knew something about him cause the doctor would not sign the death certificate and he was 400 mil in the whole the doctor was and his licence ran out in 08 and AEG he says owes him 300,000 dollars hmm michael would want all these greedy pl stopped

  57. AnMJfan Said,

    I’ve saw someone posting this picture ( http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1/2009/06/jackson-rehearsal/michael-jackson-final-rehearsal-03.jpg ) and people asked if it could be photoshopped … I don’t know if someone noticed it but the ‘IS’ isn’t showing between MJ’s legs … Strange because it would …

  58. dezyte Said,

    OK well it all does look strange.At first if he was taking like 40 sleeping pills a day and other that shit i dont know how he would look like….i mean that’s crazy he would die the fist time he would take such amount of drugs and his blood would be made out of drugs and he wouldn’t be able to pass medical examination for the concerts….then second thing what i have noticed is…the british boy Shaheen Jafargholi…why would someone invite him to sing at memorial …i presume it was like that MJ saw the guy and he liked him but i really doubt that he run back to his family happy yelling you know whattt i’ve found nice boy who is singing nice…so i presume whatever he did in his music career he didnt discuss with his family…OK let’s say manager AEG knew about it and he knew that MJ wants the boy to come at O2 that’s cool….but i really doubt that when MJ ‘passed away’ manager straitgh though ohhh we need to bring that boy to sing…he would be too busy thinking about bringing small boy to memorial.Sooooo my idea would be its only MJ who does such things he is abssesed with all that children thing and he was the one who told his family that he would want that kid to play at his memorial…..Well that’s only my thoughts guys ))

  59. mjfan Said,

    This is not old rehearsal footage. That is a “new” face. The last time he toured was in the late nineties and his face did NOT look like that then. It should be pretty obvious to any thinking person that this is very recent footage of MJ.

  60. dezyte Said,

    And another thing how come that at that guitarists site there is that pic of her and MJ in that pic MJ is way back in 90’s and this girl like appeared couple of month ago and what is all that about ”wahtever”…… weirdo

  61. dezyte Said,

    To be honest i do think that La Toya is a part of this trick…as she is the one who has signed death certificate……and no one else has signed no coroners,no doctor nuttin… now they doin all this thing with murdering just to put ppl mind somewhere else and to distract everyone that they would be able to continiue planing it all.She also claimed that £2 million was stolen from the singer before he died.But its been told before that he had only $668,215 in cash and 10,6 million held in RESERVE which everyone knows that you cant take money if you placing it to RESERVE.So what kind of 2 millions been stolen its new and new things everyday …GOD that family really has vivid imagination.Look what they are writing again Michael Jackson took an astounding 10,000 pills in the last six months of his life – an average of 55 a day He had to be dead man only after 1 day of 55 pills and never would be able to pass medical examination!!!!
    Councilman Dennis Zine reckons the $1.4m bill, to which taxpayers are being asked to contribute, should be paid by the late singer’s father or promoters AEG Live… well i think there will be some problems but on the other hand if you know that u r not dead and u planning how to make more money those ppl will be payed back…as i dont think that promoters will pay everything just because its MJ and will make a charity!!coz been said the costs of the production were paid for by the promoters

  62. dezyte Said,

    Yeah nanny Grace maybe in love with MJ but do you know that she has been a lover with Jermaine Jackson….. i mean hell knows who r generouse out there.They all look fake and that jackson family never were very united that also not a big secret and now it look very strange how they r working closely together….hmmmm

  63. carelesslove46 Said,

    The guitarist has been with
    Michael since the early 90’s or late 80’s. As to the comments about Michael wearing wigs..OK, I can accept that as I know he was
    into all sorts of disguises
    and changing his looks. I dont think he was bald with
    just a covering of “peach fuzz” though. Supermom75,
    I always believed Presley
    faked his death..You are right it would have been so much easier to do back in 1977..I really need you people to be right..But having said that, Michael wont be returning to us..
    Even if he is alive..Love to all.x

  64. purplepen Said,

    Why is Latoya going on tv saying she knows who killed him if shes not suppose to be discussing it?

  65. dezyte Said,

    Dr Conrad Murray, who could face charges if found guilty of prescribing Propofol – a powerful anaesthetic – is not co-operating with their inquiry.Officers cannot understand why Dr Murray didn’t know the address of where he was, which was one house away from Sunset Boulevard – one of the most famous streets in the world.Soon he will be scared and will sell out MJ coz they have no good explanation to all of this that happened.
    Michael Jackson’s family – including his three children – viewed the singer’s body in an open casket at his memorial ceremony.
    David Fossett, 50, who attended the ceremony at Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Hollywood, said the singer had looked ‘peaceful’ at the Jehova’s Witness service.
    ‘He looked like he just was laying there sleeping’ ohh yesss of course he looked and good and sleeping and everything as there been laying WAXfigure of MJ
    ohhh great A psychic who claims to have spoken to Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe in the afterlife – believes Michael Jackson has contacted her.Lisa Williams, originally from Redditch, Worcestershire, is close friends with a relative of the King of Pop.And believes she may have felt his presence since he died two weeks ago.Yeahh wright and MJ siting and thiking now how ppl r tryin to make money out of his death and what a obviouse lie it is

  66. dezyte Said,

    Late pop star Michael Jackson will star in a new video game due for release this Christmas,
    MJJ Productions has been working on the project “for months”, with the singer said to have recorded voice work for the title prior to his death.The game will also feature Jackson’s likeness, as well as several of his iconic hits.
    Well he doesn’t look like drug addict i think his brain actually worked very well he was doing game praject as well as planing 50 gig at o2 he obviousely was planing to make some money and he did that and its gonna work out for him and everything happened so quickly within last maybe 6 month so definetely everything was planned and its look all clear that he is not dead!!

  67. lilpleb Said,

    For a starved drug addict who should have been out of it for many hours of the day, he seemed to do a hell of a lot. Raising and spending time with 3 children, working on new songs and a tour, he must have been super-human.

  68. dorleac Said,

    i dont remeber if ou said it but: why did a Death Certificate if they still was or are doing exams?????

  69. jackoisalive21 Said,


    im sorry but hes just not. he did this because he wants a normal life and to be left in peace, so please people stop saying Michael will come back. Im sure he wants to…..one day but he knows all he stuff that will be written about him for faking his own death and what the fans will think etc. etc. its just not going to happen. sorry for making this pointless comment.

  70. dorleac Said,

    i was thinking…maybe he was ”chnaging’ his face since may or june( i just need to confirm the date of that picture with his kids) because the last time we saw mike was in begining june, leaving clinic with mask sure and using curls again!

    one more thing. if u compare the pic that they said is june 23 to pic june 25 (stretcher) ou can see SIDEBURNS very different. two days not is enogh to hair grow a lot like it. is to much hair for just 2 days XD

  71. dorleac Said,

    and anybody have video of the ambulance arriving at the hospital. you can check, we have JUST ONE PICTURE.
    if TMZ said about his death before names like LA times (i dont know HOW), the time beetwen the house and hospital would be enough to have a lot of photographers
    and more pics LOL.

  72. Corbett002 Said,

    In regards to the This Is It Sign Not showing the rest of the S where mj is standing…Look closely, that is the ramp on which the dancers and all the people come out of…the curtain is covering the S, sorry to say but that photo is real…BUT I do believe Dr Conrad Murray will sell out MJ if he does go down for prescribing drugs. The truth will be here soon.

  73. Iknowitall Said,

    I don’t know that anyone actually looked at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SXXBfaai7I but interesting enough it shows the guitarist with him back and the day…. Also, it clearly states 10 shows.. Yeah… Shit is about to hit the fannnn. lol

  74. michaeljacksonnotdead Said,

    Nothing about his death really adds up – check this out:

  75. Smiile1929 Said,

    Can I Just Say Something .. About Latoya Saying That Michael Was Murdered I Think Shes Just Talking A Load Of Crap Cos If U Look At Her Past History Shes Been Saying Alot Of Stuff About Michael Like He Was A Pedafile & She Even Said She Wasn’t Gonna Suffer With Her Brothers Crime In Silence .. Something Like Tha She Said .. I Can’t Find Tha Link But For Tha People Who Think Shes Being Truthful I Would Say U Shouldn’t Really Believe Her .. I Mean Its Entirely Upto U All .. If It Was Janet Or Anyone Else Saying That Then MAYBE I Would Like Think Yeah She Might Be Telling Tha Truth Buh Its Latoya .. By Looking At Her History I Wouldn’t Believe Her .. Just Thought I Should Point That Out.

  76. melia8383 Said,

    I stumbled upon this rehearsal footage for his dancers, the first thought that went through my head was that this wasn’t “MJ” because I don’t recall MIchael chewing gum like that or messing with his hair constantly. I thought MIchael went back to his curly hair in Late January to May of this year? But that honestly does not resemble “MJ” Him taking off his shades, then putting back on? I haven’t seen mike ever do that? If any thinks he was addicted to drugs, you seriously need to stop listening to the media, if the family thought Michael was “murdered” why didn’t they wait to a to have a Public Memorial and why didn’t they hire a lawyer, everyday it’s something new? This don’t seem right!

  77. Francesca Said,

    - This is not Michael: http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/09e40MrbO52kT/610x.jpg

    - Perhapps this is what Michael loks like right now (like he’s 80 years old): http://newsitemstoday.today.com/files/2009/06/michael_jackson_ill.jpg

    God bless him. What do you think?

  78. Francesca Said,

    - The whole Jackson family is fake fake fake
    - They’re greedy
    - They’re not able to handle what they are faking by now
    - La Toya is stupid, it makes no news
    - Did they discover some life insurance? I mean perhaps this is the creepiest case of life-insurance-related murder?
    - I really have no clue what they’re going to tell since now on, everything seems possible
    - Some people on here are really smart (about the photoshop thing)
    - The greetings on Michaels official web site all look ridiculous to me

    for JC.LOVES.MJ:

    about the key dates, there is a post on Derek Clontz blog: assuming this is true, they found Michael’s diary telling when he would come back from hiding.
    He planned to come back at the end of this year or in January 2010.

    “If Elvis … (illegible) … so can I.
    “I’ll have a ‘heart attack’ from drugs like he did (yeah, right!)
    “I’ll come back, but only when I’m ready. Bigger than Elvis in ‘69.
    “Maybe 2009 at Christmas. Or maybe the New Year is better.
    “A back-from-dead tour, a real Thriller. But I have to rest. I’m tired. I’m not (thinking) clearly.
    “It’s the drugs.
    “A lot of fans still love me. (Some) people hate me. Thing (sp) will be different (after this) …”
    ****THE END****

  79. goslinger1 Said,

    It occured to me that perhaps only SOME of Michael’s family were told of the upcoming “hoax” about to transpire. Afterall, WHY would Michael tell his father (after years of abuse) and WHY would he tell LaToya (after betraying him during the molestation alegations?) These are the two family members who are making the biggest fuss after Michael’s “death.” LaToya is running her mouth off about finding the killer and Joe, his father, wanted a third autopsy.

    If Michael was going to pull something like this off, he certainly wouldn’t tell any family members that he didn’t trust to keep his secret.

    And I still want to know who’s body they are doing an autopsy on! No one seems to know? Surely if there was a Michael look-alike who died recently, we would known about it, right? How can you be an impersonator and not still have a separate life with a family and friends who have recognized that you are “gone?”

    Uggg! This is driving me mad! So many unanswered questions!

  80. DawneVee Said,

    Here is a link to a very good video from MJ’s publicist claiming that all these people who are crawling out of the wood work claiming they were ‘close friends’ with MJ are only out to get their 15 minutes of fame.
    She also said there was no drug abuse involved and the media is just trying to tarnish his name (surprise surprise there).


  81. dani Said,

    Michael is alive and well and he wants us to know that. I’m sure about that.He has planed his death 15 years ago but ne never had the opportunity to do it. He wrote a song called Morphine where he says “today he’s talking twice as much, he’s taking Demerol, he’s got a heart attack”. Why don’t his fans see that.
    First time a heard that Mike wants to do these shows I was totally against it. Why does he have to do that, he should now live his life in peace. I said from the beginning that he will never do any of these shows. Something is going to come between it. And I was right. That was his last chance to escape from this world. Mike wants to help as many people as possible and now he can finally do it. You wonder how? Well time will tell. A lot of bad things are going to happen to America beginning from sep. oct this year. I saw in a dream that he will help people leaving America, he will help people in Africa and in Serbia. Something is going to happen in Serbia, I don’t know when. But Mike will be there for the people and send them a lot of money. 2 days ago I asked God where Michael is and how he feels. I saw Mike in my dream singing “You are my life”- Once all alone
    I was lost in a world of strangers
    No one to trust
    On my own, I was lonely
    You suddenly appeared
    It was cloudy before but now it’s all clear
    You took away the fear
    And you brought me back to the light

    Now I wake up everyday
    With this smile upon my face
    No more tears, no more pain
    ‘Cause you love me
    You help me understand
    That love is the answer to all that I am
    And I’m a better man
    Since you taught me by sharing your life

    I mean hello, now I wake up every day with this smile upon my face. It can’t be clearer. This man is alive and very well.
    I also know a healer and visit him very often. I also take a picture of Michael to him. This healer has helped so many people and healed so many really bad diseases. So that’s why I know that he is doing well. He can not be dead. Absolutely impossible!!

  82. jewell Said,

    I looked at the video also yesterday and thought probably what you are thinking…
    the video is full of clues….
    the music in the begining is dramatic and haunting,
    the girl fainting ,
    like she can’t believe that he is alive….
    the skull breaking into a live man…
    and the music at the end…

  83. jewell Said,

    okay, lets say this is a hoax for a comeback…
    wouldn’t his fans be so mad at putting them through this?,
    would he do that to kids that look up to him …
    i don’t know if he would do that to them,
    (but he did dangle his baby, so i don’t know)
    …or would his fans be so happy that he was alive they would forgive him and buy tickets and cd’s?

  84. MariannaB Said,

    One word on the impersonators.
    Despite the fact that Carlo Riley obviously has undergone nose surgery to even look more like Michael than Navi.

    Keep in mind in all pics and videos to check out Michael’s hands. They are big and the third and fourth finger are always close to each other. Impossible to concentrate on that detail when dealing with impersonating as a whole.

    There is a video with Navi at O2

    There are private videos of O2 conference that confirm to me that Michael was alive in March:


    The chewing gum video to me is no fake.

    The pic with “this is it” in the background is photoshoped – the artist forgot the neon sign between the legs

    And we find a “ghost” at Neverland as well:

    Not only the present site is being checked also youtube is well observed. Videos and sound are being removed. Watch for this.

  85. jewell Said,

    I just watched that video again…
    Listen to the chorus singing the begining…
    what are they singing…
    there are words i am trying to make out…
    can anybody tell what they are?

  86. VanillaCream Said,

    I wish I could write an speak perfect english (I am from germany).

    On michaeljacksonsightings.com you can read eyewitness reports. One of the witnesses wrote that he/she saw him near cologne/ germany and talked with him all day long. And they will meet again on monday. Ummm okaaay…

    I really wish MJs alive. I hate the thought that this very special man do not live anymore. Hate these empty piece in my head and heart he left. I love the idea that he is alive and just punked the world. And it´s really hard to understand and realize that he is dead. But I think thats what it is. He´s gone. This is what I try to realize. And it´s what I hate to realize.

    Hope you understand what I´m trying to say.

  87. Elizabeth Said,

    I like this site. It is one site that give me hope that MJ is alive. I am not a big fan of his but I do like his songs and his energetic and solid dances. Ok, I think the above footage is a recent one. We only have to compare his physical appearance with the one from his last performance, 12 years ago to see the significant differences. I must say, though he could still dance here but it is obvious that his dance step was not as solid or energetic as he used to. I like to think that he is alive but with the recent La toya statement and how descriptive she is about what happened in the hospital, make me wonder whether he has really passed on. However, on the other hand I also think he might have staged his death when I read an article dated Nov 8, 2007 where he said he wanted to accomplish certain things first. Here is the link http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/439553/Jacko-I-dont-want-to-die.html. Share your thought on this. Thanks.

  88. morefiyah Said,

    Good afternoon. I cannot believe I am about to comment on such a site but the subject matter and other comments are so interesting like solving a puzzle that I had to register and chime in!

    I agree with the ppl who noticed the curly hair in the AEG rehearsals do not match mj’s regular straightened wig. I agree with the ppl who noticed that the dance steps/music are the same from the HIStory Tour (I never saw that tour footage). I think that if in fact mj was going to put on a show using old dance steps and music montages his shows would have been panned by the British press. If mj did anything less than a stellar out-of-this-world performance at O2, his next gig would be singing in hotel lobby lounges.

    Now I do not put it past AEG to release the video footage of rehearsal to make it look like mj was in good shape. Look at what mj is wearing in the first half of this clip: in the rehearsal he is wearing a red shirt; in the beginning of the clip he is not. Get it? Beginning of clip = straight hair and no red shirt. End of clip = curlier hair and red shirt. Interesting point about the ‘this is it’ backdrop being photoshopped.

    My mom didn’t think that mj’s body was in the casket at the staples center memorial, and she is one of the most observant people in the world. Kudos to ppl here who noticed lack of wet faces at the memorial, too.

    I have a stupid question: why were the rehearsals being done all the way in LA when the show is in London?

    I think that mj is dead, but an occasional post on this site sometimes has me smiling at mj like the good guy who got away from the crooks while the credits roll.

  89. Andrea Said,

    @MissC – that guy’s close resemblance to MJ is kind of scary!

  90. wishful09 Said,

    I agree with the poster who said “too many cooks” in the kitchen. They are letting this get blown way out of porportion. Why talk to the media at all?

  91. jewell Said,

    also on the promo video arouond the end,
    i thought it was interesting
    that it showed a person being tended
    to by emt’s and then loaded into an ambulance….
    Also interesting that the website flashed on the screen is michaeljacksonlive.com
    instead of mj.com….
    maybe mj owns mj.com and the concert promoters own mjl.com….

    I found it interesting that the merchandise link is disabled.

    so i thought i would search the html code to see who owned the site,
    couldn’t find that info,
    but i found the merchandise link in the code…
    check it out…
    they are getting ready to sell all this merchandise to “memorialize Michael”
    Be sure and click on the red t-shirt.

  92. dezyte Said,

    Jones says Jackson often had dinner with his kids:”The times that Mr. Jackson did not have dinner with the kids or he couldn’t get back in time to have dinner with them”its been told by MJ chef so it makes kinda fair enough that he had well balansed food and eating quite regurely even it wouldn’t be big portions.The next thing im really upset about is that Michael’s longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba gave an interview – for a lot of money – in which she said some really mean things about Michael. Later she stated that she never said anything like this. But apparently she DID sell out Michael as it has been caught on camera you can watch it on youtube.

  93. Tizzy Said,

    About the photo being photo shopped, it could well be. If you look at the other ’s’ in the word This, you will see it curves around to the top. Surely the ’s’ on the word Is should be the same? Shouldnt it actually be in-between MJ’s legs no?
    Keep up the great work with the site all involved

  94. melia8383 Said,

    CNN is Reporting that michael was taking up to 10 pills a day. I think xanax. LAPD is saying that they never “ruled” out foul play!!!! BUt didn’t they say that they didn’t expect foul play after the 1st autopsy. And the family had gotten a second autopsy, they didn’t respond back about that one!!!! They had their “private memorial” then the “public memorial”, they haven’t even buried him yet, (almost 3 weeks)if they expected foul play, why didn’t they hire an attorney? Why did the police let Janet into the house to get michael’s belongings? And why did the moving trucks show up the next day to get his furniture? Now “sources” that are supposely close to michael are coming out from the bushes, saying he was an addict? Everyone’s stories are contridicting each others? If someone was “murdered” they wouldn’t of released michael’s body!!!! And the family would of seeked further help, if they were concerned if he was murdered! At the memorial I didn’t see one tear being shed, except for usher! This whole thing seems like a ‘Hoax.’ Way too many stories are being thrown out there!!!!

  95. loveandpeace Said,

    This may explain the wigs, amongst other weird stuff.


  96. nycscenie Said,

    I was just thinking, what if the theory of a Michael Jackson hoax death is a HOAX. What if MJ really IS dead and the only reason why there are hoax sites (no offense to the admin here) is to distract us. Im just saying saying maybe hoax sites were created for people who are in denial of MJ’s death (like me). Not that its a bad thing and stuff.

    Also, howcome we are suggested to not believe the media but yet we may believe alot that is written on hoax sites.

    Lastly, even if Mj’s death was fake, its like he dead anyways cuz WE WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. A smart person wouldnt fake their death then comeback, they would stay hidden.

  97. Andrea Said,

    Anyone also think it’s quite weird that in two days it will be going on THREE WEEKS that they haven’t buried the ‘body’. Let’s say HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, he did ‘die’ and they buried him BEFORE the memorial. How terrible would that be for them to have lied to the fans. I already think it’s messed up that they KNEW there was no body in that casket but instead of annoucning it and saying the coffin is a symbol, and that he was NOT in there, they made everyone believe he was. Even Jermaine, kissing the casket. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

    I can’t WAIT till more and more people start realizing and asking IMPORTANT questions – such as the ones we are asking eachother on this website.

  98. Andrea Said,


    Look at what one poster on ‘michaeljacksonsightings.com’ WROTE!

    first off let me say I do not believe Michael Jackson’s either dead or alive, I reserve the right to come to a final believe once this story unfolds so right now I’m just a long-time fan half-devastated/half-thrilled at the thought he might still be alive…

    Anyway, here’s what I came across while surfing the web for info on the possibility of Jacko faking his death:

    1. Jackson presumably died on June 25th 2009 right?

    2. He liked Elvis and often got quoted in comparing his live with that of the “King of Rock’n Roll”, right? (not to mention he married Lisa Marie)

    3.On multiple occasions Michael talked about his death and that he didn’t wnat to end up like Elvis, or that he feared ending up like him, right?

    Now please read this: (the excerpt of interest I screen-captured and attached to this email)


    In this article there’s a line where it says: in a June 25th 1979 People Magazine Interview, country singer Merle Haggard voiced his opinion that Elvis death could have been a hoax

    Now IS THIS COINCIDENCE?????? June 25th 1979 and June 25th 2009???? Come on, I find it hard to believe that Jackson would die exactly, exactly 30 years later then this comment was made on Elvis’ death, but please draw your own conclusions!

    best regards and I hope I was able to provide some new clues to solve the mystery!

    If you click the link that the he/she posted, it’s a very interesting read! HMMMMMM. Even more speculation and facts that MJ could infact, have faked his death!

  99. DawneVee Said,

    MJ spotted in Canada? Anyone know anything about that?

    The link below seems real. I watched his YouTube video and he sounds sincere..

    You be the judge..


  100. mjforever68 Said,

    To Loveandpeace;
    I’ve used your link to read the article,
    I’ll guess the author itself must be a hoax too, he was able to write and publish an article on Monday the 20th of July 2009, wich we all know that will be next week….

  101. LostHighlander Said,

    According to La Toya:

    ***She said: “Michael always had cash in his homes, usually around $2 million (£1.2 million) which he used to pay out on things. People said he wasn’t wealthy, but Michael always had money with him. When I went to the house later that day there was NO cash or jewelry. So many people had been through that house before I got there. Someone went in there and did a good job. It was very strange.”***

    Maybe it was stolen, or maybe he just took the cash and jewelry with him “because he ALWAYS has a couple of million in cash and jewelry with him” and he still does. Maybe HE kept it with him when he left, just like he always did. Maybe what with all the security he had it wasn’t possible for anyone to have stolen the cash and jewelry and the only answer to why it ALL disappeared is that MJ took it all when he left.

  102. ejay5131 Said,

    Can someone tell me the significance of the video that states only 10 shows?? Is it because they added 40 more?

  103. morla Said,

    What if this is already a hologram???

    And why wasn’t made a DNA-test on the ‘dead’ michael – it’s known that he had a lot of ‘look-alikes’ – they must have been very sure

  104. Bee Said,

    Forgive me if this link/pic has been posted before, but this shows areas of his ear missing:

    I hope he is alive somewhere safe and peaceful with his children.

  105. mjforever68 Said,

    I’m sorry my answer seems to dissapeer before I could finish.
    So what I did try to tell to loveandpeace, that I indeed use your link to the article written in the time magazine, but that the author must have being mistaken himself or part is of something which we don’t know the facts from.hmmm.

    I’ve read a lot about MJ dead and also saw the VID with the Chopter ( you have to excuse me I don’t see nothing just I supose a man standing in the cargo door and in my small opinion that man doesn’t have a face himself just a large helmet, I could be blind myself, so don’t take much notice of it )But the more I read the less trees I’m seeing in the forest. Could he be dead yes of course he is after all just a human been. Could he be faking hmm I’m not sure, in other words I’m not convinced, there isn’t just enough proof that he is walking around some where or eating ice cream. But there is a fact that his dead sign isn’t signed yet and that the CPR ( which isn’t a CPR )failed. Bwha, maybe in a few moths TMZ will get the full rights to publish the return of Michael and that all this was set up by his family and close friends ( who were not that close )so that he only has 10 shows to do in the O2 Arena. Just a theorie of course.

  106. flower Said,

    hi, mj is alive full stop all this crap from his family about murder etc is crap the sister+ the dadare nutters or this is just part of the plot to fool us but we all know them 2 have never been right and with all of this going on now god knows what them 2 will come out with, there are going to be loads more stories to come out yet we aint heard nothing yet you watch and see,MJ must have been planning this for sometime right but once it all got into action there are going to be thing that go wrong cause this isnt the kind of thing you do everyday and i can tell that some of this aint going to plan so we will hear loads more crap come from all sorts of ppl who im not even sure if mj dad and that crazy sister la toya are in on this its hard to work it out but may this is all part of the plan cause ech day more+more comes out and it just gets your head crazy, i mean im weak with it all now but i love MJ SO MUCH i just have to keep with you guys and try to findout whats going on im to a point where im screamin at the tv if anything comes on about him im ripping up newspapers i just sick of hearing all the bad things about our mj all the crap whats keeping me going is this site and eveyone posting we really need to brace ourselfs because things are going to get worse all this hear say, why r ppl being interviewd and not being asked the right questions i wish i could have some time with some of these ppl lieing pieces of s*** sorry im going on now but i tell you hes alive now the dentist has got something to say have you seen that on TMZ who next???? king we love you

  107. sita Said,

    for sure will a family claim a murder plot. and why? do life insurance pay money for self-killing with drugs/painkiller and stuff we have all heard till now?
    to keep the money rolling a good plot is: lets murder him.
    there are so many close friends who warned michael of misusing all these things months and years before!! for the public often impersonators or clones were used. question resides: who died ? who? the real one or someone else.
    finally they fooled us with the o2 press conference. such people will try to fool us now and in the future too!!!

  108. Francesca Said,

    for jewell: the chorus is Carmina Burana. Michael explained on some occasion that Carmina Burana perfectly defines his relationship with his fans.

  109. ejay5131 Said,

    About the boy who sang at the memorial, he’s from Britains got talent. They said at the memorail that MJ invited the boy to sing with him at the London O2 shows(maybe in hopes of helping him get a recoding contract). Then the boy was on Larry King live and NOW he HAS a recording contract. Maybe MJ didn’t want to go back on his word with this little boy, so he made sure he’d be at the memorial.

  110. EverNorton Said,

    Its AMAZING how everything is seen as hoax here! Of course the footage of the rehearsel is recent.. Look at the dancers with MIchael! They are the same dancers that won the auditions in April.. You can check the auditions videos on youtube.. And Michael natural hair has always been curly hair.. He just usually stretches is hair since 95.. But in the History tour his hair is short like it was that time but curly and in a ponytail.. Its more confortable for the dancing.

  111. jewell Said,

    @Francesca for the song title…
    I just google the lyrics and take a look…
    very profound indeed!

  112. jewell Said,

    More interesing info on the Song in the promo video…

  113. mjforever68 Said,

    I’m sorry to bother.
    But I saw a vid where Michael was showing alive. It was on You Tube. Will surch for the link course I forgot to copy it.
    Now this vid is showing a man filming God know where ( I didn’t recognize it be course I’m from Holland and nothing seems familiar to me )who saw Michael,the man yelled HE YOU, and then Michael started to run to this man, the man is clearly yelling, ” Please don’t shoot me man ” and repeating this twice, after that you hear bang bang and you see an supposed Michael saying WHOW. Now if that is true, wouldn’t the media have headlines like ” MICHAEL JACKSON SHOOT A SPOTTER DEAD.??, And would you be such a fool to leave a camera running alone by itself some where in the autbush if you were faking your own dead? If it was me I’ll surely took the camera with me so that no evidence would be left behind. Just a thought a came up with after seeing this vid.

  114. m2kg Said,

    That videos is here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkKKtC16C-U

    But it’s a joke and it is funny…

  115. Iknowitall Said,


    that video was obviously just a joke.. It’s not real…

  116. ejay5131 Said,

    #84 Marianneb- I agree with you, I have noticed many videos and sound bites that are starting to disappear from you tube and other sites. Are “people” starting to “clean up”? This site obviously is becoming VERY popular. And why has Michaeljacksonlive.com suddenly removed the O2 press conference, is it because many people are commenting that it’s not him?

  117. dezyte Said,

    ok guys its definetely not going to be HOAX for a comeback!!!!Michael never be back!!I just finished watching michael jackson’s story -what really happened.To be honest nuttin interesting all the same shit like he was drug addict and bla bla but the thing is that the latest ppl who had smg to do with him all of them said he was in a great shape looking happy and healthy!!
    Randy Phillips, CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, told CNN he was “a healthy, vibrant human being.”Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s dermatologist, who said he last saw Jackson less than a week before he died, told CNN’s Larry King that the singer was in “very good physical condition,” in “a very good mood,” and “was very happy.”The Incredible Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno, who was helping Jackson prepare for a planned series of London concerts, told The Associated Press that he never saw Jackson take drugs, act aloof or speedy, and the singer wasn’t frail when he last saw him at the end of May. “I’ve never seen him look better,” he said.
    Akon,R&B singer and producer with whom Jackson recently recorded songs, told Billboard.com that “Michael is just one of the healthiest people that I know. He was pressuring me to stay healthy, like, ‘Akon, eat right. What are you doing out there on the road? Are you eating? Are you exercising? Are you drinking a lot of water?’”
    A photographer, Kevin Mazur, who was documenting Jackson’s rehearsals for a tour book said Jackson looked in perfect health, was having a great time, and was very happy!It looks that ppl who been around him recently saying he was fine and the only people who said he had problem been friends from before with whom he had nuttin to do anymore…All of this looks like MJ really felt good and didn’t die he planed everything very well…thats way people who saw him last said he indeed was in a great shape!I mean if somebody wants to do a great research and tv program they even can make it based on this web that what we came with.As i see here lot of ppl coming up with an interesting thinking….I do believe that someone from MJ’s family dfinetely reading this site as they following everything whats goin on….MICHAEL IF YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW SORRY THAT WE DIGGIN IT TOO DEEP AND TRYIN TO FIGURE OUT THE TRUTH…THE THING IS WE LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO BELIEVE THAT U DIED EVEN WE WOULDN’T WANT TO PUT YOU IN TO A PROBLEM BY UNCOVERING YOUR HOAX DEATH

  118. wishful09 Said,


    U R correct. They said they ruled out foul play. Now, they say they have always been considering foul play. This is getting too crazy. I cant keep up with the stories.

  119. James Said,

    Well that tour pic looks so fake the background , this is it looks like its been pasted behind everyone so it looks real, badly photoshoped also the lights at the front of the stage look fake to lol look…


  120. Francesca Said,

    wishful09: correct me if I’m wrong but Joe Jackson was convinced it was a foul play since the beginning.

    jewell: thank you for the link, I loved it

  121. m2kg Said,

    Why do I think that in that photo his leg & the rest of his body, is covering the rest of the “S”?

  122. wishful09 Said,

    You are not wrong, Francesca. It was the police officials who said they ruled out any signs of foul play. Joe said it from the begining. But now police officials are saying they have never ruled out foul play. It doesnt make sense.

  123. MariannaB Said,

    Would be nice to see Michael giggle right now.

    And yes, DNA analysis would have done it as well as analysis of liver and kidneys to get a proof of any abuse. The “brain” checked during 6 weeks means they count neurons. Sounds more like everybody lost his/her head and common sense.

    What’s about the “CIA killed M with new weapon” story, the “bioterrorism” opera in connection with Bahrein sheik, the “M was a danger as a conterted to Islam” and the “truth in Paraguay” stories? What do you think on these ones?

    I like the O2 conference a lot. Lovely to see M smile so much. The “last curtain call” – in an opera it’s the final eclipse before everything falls down to a last well designed scenery.

  124. Dee Said,

    Ok we are all trying to figure this thing out. Everything is not a hoax, yet part of the hoax. Thats michael at the rehearsal and that is definitely him dancing. he has a signature move tat he does when goes into the zone and starts feeling the music. The wig doesn’t mean anything….. Michael always wears his hair pulled back in concert and if you have seen the History tour and the Dangerous tour many of the acts remain the same, with little changes. The “They Don’t Really Care About Us”, was done just like shown in prior concerts. Look at his face and the cast in his eye, that how you really know when its Mike. Look at his moves, Mike’s face can be duplicated but not his moves. The man moves like freaking water. Even at this age, not dancing full out, you can see he still has the moves. This is recent, look at the aging around his eyes. Michael loves to perform, he would take this last opportunity to take the stage. He knew this footage would be left for us, he would want to be apart of it. I mean he did love his fans.

  125. melia8383 Said,

    Ok everyone I found a song, It’s really Crazy unreleased from Michiael Jackson, It talks about how he’s “planning” his escape from the “system” and “pressures” he has to find a place to hide away.(thats what he says in the song) the name of the song is xscape(yes, it’s actually spelled that way.
    If he faked his death, he’s away from the pressures, he has to leave his children behind, if he want people to know he’s “dead”). If the children is with his family, he will always see them. Latoya said, he didn’t want to do the 50 shows, that’s probably why it was an impersonator at the O2 conference! It was him rehearsing in the video, if he’s planning his get away, he has to cooperate, right? AEG insured for “overdose”? WHY?

  126. Samantha Said,

    I starting to think his actually gone! :’( </3

  127. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Michaeljacksonnotdead: I just watched the vedeo with Mother cathrine shopping. Well 1st of all, she dosent wear black close. 2nd. Why teh hell is she buying sleepingbags, and a tent LOL. I found that a bit weird

  128. Iknowitall Said,

    Thats cool Melia. Michael wouldnt leave his babies though. Under any circumstances, he would not leave them.

  129. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Iknowitall. Mabye the kids know that he is alive. And as long as they are witgh their grandmother he has a chance to see them

  130. DawneVee Said,

    Samantha ~ Hang in there girl! Don’t give up yet! We all have our ‘he really is gone’ days. I know it’s hard when we haven’t heard anything in the news, but don’t let that get you down!

    MyBelovedMJ ~ Not everyone wears black when in mourning. When my dad died, I didn’t dress in black. I just wore my normal clothes.
    Maybe that stuff is for the kiddos to play with in the back yard.
    I went shopping the day my dad died. It’s actually quite normal what Katherine was doing.

    iknowitall ~ How do we know MJ has left his babies? For all we know he may be at the Jackson family compound.

    I read that article that LaToya supposedly gave. #1, that magazine is a British TABLOID. Now, how accurate are those things? Really?
    #2, if you read it, it says that Paris Hilton’s mother showed up at the hospital. Now why…why in the world is this woman even mentioned here? Come on now…

    We may not hear any real news till the autopsy and toxicology report comes out.

    Unless…MJ if you are reading, give us fans a sign buddy! We know what to look for…the media is too stupid to pick up stuble signs like that so don’t worry about getting caught.

  131. purplepen Said,

    Are there any pictures showing his kids going to or leaving the hospital?? In one interview La Toya said Paris went with her to forest lawn to see to see him but i dont see her in any of the pictures with la toya

  132. quesarasara Said,

    Michael liked shock value. All I can draw from this site at this time especially this topic, the truth will have to prevail. If these concerts go on with no shockers, we’ll know that he’s probably not with us. But, he was a master of surprise:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUNgU3AoRbc at 4:05

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUEd3VCO7y0&feature=related at :33

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKmlymsITTA (on may 26 2009!!! WTF !!!)


    Speaks for itself. Right after September 11th 2001, no one expected this.

    I know there is so much more, but this just states to me that I really do feel that he will come out of this hoax. All hell will break loose.

  133. irishgrl Said,

    Bee posted a link showing a pic of his ear and ive looked at and it really looks like the ear in the pic in the ambulance

  134. irishgrl Said,

    there is the link again.

  135. tinydancer Said,

    Ok..Just a few points I feel like making:

    1) the diary that was found, where MJ supposedly writes about how he’s gonna fake his own death..come on, how can we all believe thats actually true and that there is such a diary? Wouldnt MJ bring it with him if he was leaving…why would he leave evidence like that behind if he really wants the world to blieve he’s gone?


    2) For those who are in distress about all this hoax talk and theories…and waiting for autopsy results..and how the “TRUTH” will come out soon enough…agian, sorry for being a pessimist…but, what makes you think that we’ll find out the truth anyway? We all know media lies…we know this cause we have seen what it has done to this wonderful man’s reputation and life..so im just saying, dont rely on media to give you the answers…

    I think our best bet is to gather the bits and pieces and build our theory…and just HOPE that we’re right about the fact that MJ is alive and healthy somewhere on this planet…finally enjoying some time off from all this everyday dirt that he had to put up with for 45 years of his career.

    Media is poison to our minds.

    And thank you for sharing your opinions and thoughts…and evidence suggestions. Im happy there are so many others out there who also feel like he’’s not gone. From the very first second i learned about his “death”, something inside me said straight away “It’s not true”. There’s hope in me, along with my gut feeling that says its a hoax.

    MJ forever. He is the real Peter Pan. Beautiful.

  136. He.is.alive Said,

    To tinydancer:

    About your remark that MJ left his diary behind and why would he ?

    Consider the other side of the coing, why would he n ovt ? He might have deliberately left it behind in hopes somebody would find it and read in it, kinda like a “farewell/this is what really happened”-note and/or to leave a very blunt about exactly what we are all blogging on here: his staged death and successful escape. The more time elapses, the more ground the “staged death” theory gains ground … it makes sense to me .. it does ..

  137. Andrea Said,

    to irishgirl – ever think that maybe the person in the ambulance..his ear is a little curled due to the tube that is in his nose? it does go around the ears and head. just a thought!

  138. Andrea Said,

    And, actually, if you think about it…we are all saying that it doesn’t look like MJ in the ambulance, but..maybe it WAS Michael Jackson in there..hence the giant vein in the forehead. Obviously that person is alive and you can definitely see some sort of tension in the face/forehead. They could have all easily been acting in there knowing that the paps would be in crazy enough to try and snap at least one photo of him in the ambulance.


  139. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.

    MJHD Admin

  140. loveandpeace Said,

    @irishgrl Yes, indeed it looks like his ear, however as one of the many theories on this website claims they brought him back to life at the hospital. If he just died at home, and went straight to the morgue, it could have easily been called murder.

  141. melia8383 Said,

    Maybe that is him in the amubulance, maybe not! If it was him he could of had someone snap the photo to send out?

  142. james44 Said,

    Anyone that’s interested in the guitarist, I’d like to clear it up once and for all. Jennifer Batten has played for him in the past but the one in the latest video rehearsal is a new one her name is Orianthi chech out the link -


  143. berkeleygal Said,

    re the private video by MJ2009ThisIsIt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TEcwJBw4LY watch this folks! I have read A LOT of stuff recently and nowhere have I seen mention of the boots “MJ” was wearing ar the press conference. This video, being shot at an angle we haven’t seen before shows “MJ” wearing boots with HEELS. Am I wrong but did’nt he always wear flst black loafers? I dunno… seems strange, they look to be about 2 inch heels. You can see it about 5 mins 53 secs into the vid. Also, what’s with the “Elvis” karate move thing he does, its not real clear on any video I have seen but it seems to me that this is what he is doing. BTW this site is awesome, thank you!

  144. Andrea Said,

    @ berkeleygal – all I know is MJ would never do that fist air punch move he did…..wtf was that shit?

  145. zealot Said,

    MJs earlobes looks different throughout this year. Especially in the pictures when visiting the dr. office and at his last rehearsal. In some of the pics, he has a longer earlobe and in other pics, his earlobe appears to look shorter. I noticed his left ear lobe went from being short to being long; and then it changes to appearing short again. Maybe an imposter but he does such a great job at concealing his ears b/c they are very distinctive; it becomes diff. to determine. Here are some links to the pics from the month of June 2009:

    This is his last rehearsal. His left earlobe looks longer on this picture:

  146. ejay5131 Said,

    berkeleygal I also have never seen Michael wear what looks like.. COWBOY BOOTS????

  147. ejay5131 Said,

    I looked again..maybe not cowboy boots but definatly some type of “artist formerly know as prince” looking boot for sure.

  148. purplepen Said,

    isnt there some kind of clip on his ear in the ambulance so wouldnt that make it look different anyway??

  149. Samantha Said,


  150. purplepen Said,

    or does it just look like theres something on his ear i cant tell

  151. Samantha Said,

    I love the song “Leave me Alone”
    It truly explains alot

  152. Goldie Said,

    what i am going to tell now is very weird…
    maybe you wont belive me and maybe you will i dont know..
    and maybe it isnt true..

    but i live in Denmark and over<? our hous there was a old women who lived there and she died about 2 week´s ago. and now a fat man has moved in he came in a "SUV" car<'? or what they are called in USA. but he seemed wery odd. he wasn´t a "dane" he was speaking english.. but anyway i just think it look like michael. because his eye´s are so … like michael´s but ARHH i dont know i am confused.. he dosn´t look like michael it is only the eye´s that makes me think about michael and his voice.. it is all to weird for me ..

    his name is jack london?
    what makes me belive that is is him in a disguise is 1) he has been in a disguise as a fat man and 2) he did say one time he loved Denmark because we held his b-day here and he was so happy, and he also said in a interview in Denmark that he maybe wanted to live here one time.?

    i am so confused at the moment because of all of this..
    and my nabo "jack london" he didn´t knew where the supermarket where and all off that i told him and he wants all kind of information about this area we are living in… but here where i live its a quiet place not so manny people´s and a really nice place.. i dont want to go up and be stupid and say "are you michael jackson" i would feel so dum..

  153. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    First Of All I Would Like To Point Out That The Reason The Photo Looks Photoshopped Is Because More Than Likely It Is, But Only Because If It Doesn’t Look Right Then It Wont Look Good And It Was Probably Supposed To Be A Poster, And Why Would You Want A Poster On Your Wall That Looks Like Complete Crap? Photoshopping Pictures Are Needed To Make The Photo Look Better. Im A Freelance Photographer, I Know That.

    The Video Has To Be Recent Because The Girl Playing The Guitar Was Singing At The Memorial, So If That Video Was From Years Ago, How Is She Still Young? Come On People If Your Really Researching Any Of This, You Would Know That.

    What I Think Is, Since The Celebration Was Gonna Be About Thriller, And Since He Likes To Play Jokes On People, And He Wanted To Make This The Best Performance In The History Of Mankind.

    He Faked His Death, Not Because He’s Leaving Us, Not Because He Wanted To Run Away, He Would Never Run Away From His Problems, He Survived The Child Molestation Issues, And Never Ran Away From Them. He Wanted To Put On The Greatest Show Ever And What Better Way Than Faking His Death And Then When The Memorial Tours Start, He Jumps Up Out Of The Bottom Of The Floor Just Like In Recent Concerts And Surprises The World Like Never Before.

    He Stated That We Aint Seen Nothing Yet, So What Do You Think That Means? Plus He Would Never Commit Suicide Or Take Drugs And If He Was Taking Drugs, Why Did He Have Custody Of The Children, More Than Likely They Would Have been Taken From Him.

    The Memorial Looked Fake, The Casket Looked Smaller Than His Stature, People Didnt Produce Tears Just Made Crying Noises. The Memorial Was Meant To Celebrate Life, Memorials Dont Always Have To Be About Death.

    Plus In The Rehearsals Video When The Director Says Hold For Applause, Compare The Voice To Kenny Ortega, That Is Him.

    Michael Jackson Would Be The Only One In History Who Could Pull Something Off This Huge. He Just Wanted To Prove To The World That You Shouldn’t Listen To The Media, They Feed You Bullshit. And If I Am Right, Then The Media Will Be Presented As The Biggest Fools In History And If His So Called Fans Are Buying What They Are Saying, Then They Arent True Fans. And If You Buy Tons Of Michael Jackson Crap After He Supposedly Dies, Then Your Really Not A Michael Jackson Fan, Your A Fan If You Love His Music And Care About Him As A Person Yes. You Dont Need To Buy Tons Of Memorbilia To Prove Your A Fan.

    Plus Just Because He Was In Debt, Doesnt Mean He Doesnt Have Money. This Is Michael Jackson Were Talking About, Noone Stopped Buying His Music. He Is The Most Famous Individual In History. He Had Tons Of Friends, That Didnt Show Up To His Memorial And Tons Of People That Doesnt Have Anything To Do With Michael Jackson. Hence A Huge Show Is Going To Happen. You Just Watch And If Im Wrong, Then May Michael Jackson Be Happy In Heaven. I Have More To Say But Im Ending This For Right Now, If You Wanna Talk To Me Further My Yahoo Is Dragonfire_barbie_sweetheart.

    Oh And About The Hairstyles, He Wears Wigs Because Of The Pepsi Commercial Catastrophe. He Was Burned On His Head, So The Difference In Hairstyles Can Happen Because He Has No Hair.

  154. berkeleygal Said,

    I know where MJ is! They have him at Warehouse 13!!! (Good show, watch it on SyFy on Tuesday nights)

  155. martha Said,

    the guy in the 1st part of the vid is not MJ, nor is the guy at the ‘This is it’ tour announcement…if you’ve been familiar with MJ for many years you just see that…what do you guys think about it? do you actually think this is MJ in the 1st part of this vid? coz I really dont think so… this is all so wird…

  156. loveandpeace Said,

    @berkeleygal then how do you explain these shoes!


  157. wilkesxgurl Said,

    all this has me so confused trying to figure it out but the one thing i know for sure at 50 Jackson was still smoking hott andwhy wasent i one of the lucky ones that never got to meet him

  158. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To QUE. I just watched the videos. Michael, seems to be in good health, and very happy a month before his dead. I Think that he is still alive. Even though i still have soem days, where i am crying, alot, and feeling empty inside, like i lost someone i loved alot. But then I am loggin into this site, and most of the time, i can be in a better mood, after being inhere.Something in my heart tells me that. And about latoya signing the death satificate, well that dosen`t really count. A doctor have to do it.

    Michael If you somehow should read this i want you to know that NOONE is blameing you for doing this, you did what you have to do, to make it right for yourself.If you really are out there, don`t worry about ever performing again, it dosen`t really matter, all that matters is that you are safe, happy and healthy. We all love you very much, and we just want you to have some peace. Hope you finlly got, what you so ever longed for. Michael, we love you more. DONT YOU EVER FORGET THAT.

  159. jaded Said,

    Im surprised no one has mentioned this, but how come the person sitting next to Michael is blocked out? am I the only one that finds that suspicious? Also, how is it that the admins of this site are the only ones with this extra 3 mins footage?? Usually CNN and other media networks would have been ALL over this new release. Why havent I seen this footage anywhere else?..hmmmm either this footage is really not new footage OR ….the admins of this site are really AEG Live & Michael himself!!! muahahahahaha excellentttt (Mr. Burns voice) wouldnt that be ironic though?

  160. bghoppy Said,

    Re: The blonde guitarist. The woman called Jennifer Batten was his guitarist on the Bad, Dangerous, & HIStory tours. She put out her own album called ‘whatever’. She had not been asked to be on “this” tour, and they were never really close.
    I’m not sure the name of the new one that we saw on LK.

  161. saeed1237 Said,

    hey you guys theres a petition going around on if Michael Jackson is still alive and it lists all the facts
    check it out

  162. svangel Said,

    well i wud have agreed witht he fact that he wore wigs… and maybe he wore the wig wen he was performing… but point to you all the facial structure of the micheals face is differnt…maybe dis decoy sung .. it does matter how long the videos were apart… the facial structures are difo… the one at the beginning seem to be old..he actually looking like my 80 yr old granny

  163. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That was interresting. I think he is alive. But i would like to know who has seen him in moscow. And why didn`t it get on the news?

  164. berkeleygal Said,

    to love and peace: hmm I can’t explain LOL, he probably had a whole closet full o shoes n boots. I guess thst seeing them in that video and being almost sure that this was an imposter, that maybe the imposter was only 5′8 amd the heels made him 5′10 which was how tall MJ was/is. just my 2 cents

  165. nehaheartmj Said,

    i m surely believing tht mj is still alive….bt what comes to my mind is that…when elvis died(when he realy died) then also there were many people….his fans saying and finding evidences tht he is still alive…i jst want to know tht are we doing the same now????….i m so desprate to believe tht mj is alive….bt i wnt to see him….and mj if you r reading….pls give us a sign tht you are still there…jst a sign….plsssss….

  166. Samantha Said,

    I bet the Media is not saying anything about this, because it will make them look like fools aswell as they already are.

    And CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE You were saying that You think Michael is going to do some
    crazy “comeback” thing, now, im not asking you when it eventually is, but his concerts were set to date yesterday? When do you think he’ll ever do it.. It’s kind of a hard question to answer i know, i don’t really know how to explain it.

  167. stephykat Said,

    this is the only real site on the web with straight facts..and only a few and very significant links…mmm..I believe someone is reading and some facts are written by people who know the truth. This is a way to find out who really cares about Michael, I believe that if he is alive he is reading and feels happy about it, he is such a genius..and finally people are listening to the messages in his songsm just like Leonardo Da Vinci in his paintings..good work, good luck and ars longa…at your feet always

  168. laurenmcn817 Said,

    what is up with his eyes in that video?

  169. KARENM14 Said,


  170. artisticflare Said,

    what happened to th 12 principal dancers picked at Staples on 13th April? did anyone see any of them in the so called last rehersal video when Michael was singing They dont care about us/ and why was he wearing a grey suit ?this was supossed to be in full dress rehersal? What happened to the shiney gold or silver suit he wore in the world tours i am baffled,

  171. Goldie Said,

    i cant se his teeths?

  172. lillina Said,

    Come on’ guys….do u can say he’s not him because of the wig?
    hell no
    he sure could take his curly hair under the wig…to make a surprise for the fans (for example)…omg

  173. lillina Said,

    the dancers and some of the tii team talked about that!

  174. lillina Said,

    and what about his guitarist??
    did he call her years ago? and when?
    and remeber SHE IS NOT JENNIFER BATTEN!so it is IMPOSSIBLE that the reharsarl are from years ago!
    and what about the selections of the dancers?? com’on guys!

  175. lillina Said,

    Timor steffens- TII dancer
    talk about his experience with Michael, and what he think about what happend

  176. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If you are watchin the rehearsels, from june, you will see how happy Michael is. He is sining, and danceing like he was 25 again. I don`t care what the rest of the world are saying, if you are in that great shape as he was, you just DONT “drop dead” like that suddenly. Either he has been mudered (wich i think is doubtfull) Or he has escaped, like he have wanted for so many years. Look at the reherasel videos, and i think you will agree with me, on the fact, that you just don “die” like that, when you are in such good health.

  177. Perfume Said,

    Quoting off E’scanova’s myspace page….I cannot tell the difference when I looked at his photos

    Quote “E’CASANOVA has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years. In the top venues around the world, E’CASANOVA has thrilled thousands with his talent and abilities. In America, The French Polynesia, South America, Europe, and Asia, people have been amazed at his unbelievable salute to Michael Jackson entitled Hail To The King Of Pop.

    E’CASANOVA is an actor who, when dressed up, delivers the most compelling, authentic and jaw dropping rendition of Michael Jackson the world has ever seen…say the experts in national and international reviews. He appeared as Michael Jackson’s photo double in The *Who Is It* movie short where he’s actually featured on camera as Michael Jackson. Currently he stars in an episode of Ashton Kutcher’s PUNKD’ on the MTV network, where he punks platinum recording artist Frankie J into believing that he is Michael Jackson.

    Founder of SHOCKERS ENTERTAINMENT, on March 8 and 9 2007, he was invited to perform in Japan at a prestigious VIP party in honor of Michael Jackson. It was Michael Jackson’s first time ever seeing him perform in his image in person. On October 25, 2003 at the Aladdin Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV, Cas requested and presented the Key to the city of Las Vegas to the King of Pop himself. In addition, Cas also requested and obtained a Proclamation from the Mayor of Las Vegas making October 25th the official Michael Jackson Day in Las Vegas!

    In September 2001, Cas was approached by VH1 who followed him to New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles for a three-day documentary that includes live concert footage of his spectacular King of Pop tribute. Although he unconditionally admires Jackson and is a Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 historian, he is a singer/songwriter, actor/producer in his own right.

    Over the past years, the entertainment experience combined with the imaginative vision of E’CASANOVA has also enabled him to produce, choreograph and coordinate many production/concert shows including but not limited to:

    *Legends in Concert- Las Vegas and Hawaii *3GT (Three Girl Tribute) *Bounce For Jesus *INTENSE *Improbable Fate (The King Of Rock meets- The King Of Pop)- South Carolina *Footwork-Seoul, Korea *Hail to the King Of Pop- Worldwide!

    E’CASANOVA’S will and determination to produce the best possible “product” has resulted in countless hours in theaters, studios, and dance halls around the world.

    There are many people who do not put forth the effort to achieve; this is not the case with E’CASANOVA. E’CASANOVA was the $10,000 grand prize winner of MGM Grands world wide Look-alike contest!”unquote

  178. Anxelica Said,

    This latest video has been removed from youtube. Why? Is there something to hide?

  179. I.Love.You.MJJ Said,

    Yeap! i was going to say the same thing, the video was removed, even more suspicious…mmm

  180. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    What video?? The one with the last reherasel?? If that is removed, someone has to know what we are writing on this site. Someone is covering the tracks

  181. Anxelica Said,

    I’ve been looking for this video for youtube and others sites. I wanted to know if anyone else had hung. But nothing, its as if it vanished from the earth. Do you know someone who is going?

  182. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Couldie! It could be possible, everthing is possible in this. Nock on his door and ask him for a cop of sugor. tell him you are bakeing a cake or something. Then look closely into his eyes, IF it is INDEED ghim, trust me you will know. But do him a favour. Do NOT confront him, do NOT tell him, that you know who he is. That will scare him off. Act like you don`t have a clue. and another thing Do NOT tell anyone that it is him, because then his life in peace is shot to hell. We have to look for the most unrealictic places for him to be. I live in Denmark to, Copenhagen, and if you want to hide somewhere, this contry is a good place to hide, because noone pays any attention to us. Trust me. Most of the world dosent even know that we exist, they think Denmark is a City in Copenhagen LOL. It could be him, there is only one way to find out. His eyes, if you know Michael`s eyes, no disgues can fool ya.

  183. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    Maybe he’s in IOWA right now in the middle of a cornfield in a mansion with dolphins in his swimming pool and a rented ice cream truck telling stories to the locals.

    Who wrote that? – God thats funny! Laughed my ass off. I saw the video of Katherine shopping too, and I noticed the tents and sleeping bags too! Any proof this was taken on 6-26? Thats freakin weird. I think his mom has been mum becasue she wont be so good about putting up a pretense. Like Joe.

    And the photo with THIS IS IT behind MJ doenst make sense. That was just a rehearsal, the concert was in London in just 10 days or so. Why would that big ass moniker sign be set up in LA if it wasnt staying there? Makes no sense. Photoshop.

    And watch the vid of the ambulance leaving the house. HELLO! What is wrong with the world that CNN, MSNBC anybody out there did not report that this ambulance is in SLOW MOTION with no sirens. It looked like they couldnt even back out of the driveway. And the security goon at the gate is shuffling around like nothing is out of the ordinary. This is the most famous person in the world in that ambulance, supposedly with a weak pulse and no breath. Friggin Animal Control drives faster than that!

    I dont think its an imposter dancing at the rehearsal, thats Michael. But he does look tired and too thin. Most performers dont give it all at a rehearsal so I’m not sure why they would want to release it. but no one moves like that, only Michael.

    I’m sure he wears wigs, or a lace piece covering his bald scalp from the burns. Everyone wears wigs in LA, its not a big deal. His curly hair could simply be that he didnt straighten it that day. I loved his ponytail, he always looked hot in a ponytail. Remember that ‘In the Closet’ video. Mmm, he was yummy in that video.

  184. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    By the way, when you watch the video of the rehersal 6-23 does anyone notice how friggin huge his hands are? Lord!

  185. artisticflare Said,

    yes i did notice how big his hands were but i also noticed that he looked taller as well, could be because he looks thinner? I have watched him at rehearsal on film you are right he doesnt always give it all. I am getting more and more convinced that the real Michael is miles away watching all this unfold. Only time will tell when th eautopsy results come in and we find out who is getting custody of the children?

  186. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    LOL I like you. I have been in so much, pain about this, but your post made me laugh. Thank you so much, i really needed that. Yeah why the hell were they so slow with that ambulance?? I Mean Michael is the most famous person on earth, they should have boosted through the wall or something. It dosen`t make sence, more to the prove that this is fake. By the way, I have just as many curls as Michael do, But my heair looks diffrent almost everday. Sometime I let my vurls stay, other days im straigten my heair, no big deal. And no matter what, to me Michael has ALWAYS been handsome and sexy.

  187. joe01 Said,

    hi i have been following this site for about 10 days now and it,s great i to belive he faked his death everything around his death is so suspicious the video where the two faces are blacked out has anyone seen it before they blacked the faces out and does anyone know who they are or think they might know who yhey are

  188. emmie Said,

    i found some old videos of him chewing gum,, dunno if it is him on an impersonator. take a look



  189. joe01 Said,

    can someone please give a reply to my last post cause i have my thoughts on who the man is to the right you only get a tiny glimps of a bit of his face my thoughts are hard to belive but anything is possible where the king and kings are involved

  190. emmie Said,

    has anyone noticed that when michael jackson smiles it looks as if its hard for him,almost like botox is making it hard.??
    the michael jakcson at the 02 arenas confrence smile look completley different, it looks more round and pointy with dipples. has any1 noticed that?

  191. joe01 Said,

    hello is no one bothered about the faces being blocked out in the video at the top of this page or is it just me i think this has got a BIG part in the HOAX… people… and no one seems bothered

  192. ThnxGodIfYouAreAlive Said,





  193. joe01 Said,


  194. emmie Said,

    JOE01mayb there was a technical fault with the camera but yes it is quiet strange that you cannot see what is next to michael,what do you think it couldbe???

  195. TheGypsy Said,

    Hi Joe01, I also saw the faces blacked out in the rehearsals video. What it means, I don’t know. Its apparent that they did not want their faces shown, but for what reason? Maybe there is someone in the video with MJ that knows the truth about what really happen, and don’t want anyone asking any questions. Doe’s everyone still think MJ”s death is STILL a hoax? Time will tell I guess. Any feed back would be nice. Thanks

  196. Pak0 Said,

    The video is not seen anybody podria order me this video please a page this where this video! Thank you!!

  197. joe01 Said,

    hi dont know what it means but very sus the faces being blacked out means they are hiding something they could be the ones that helped with him disappearing maybe it,s someone who has disappered themselfs years ago and never been found someone that knows how it can be done

  198. elizabethvitale Said,

    I looked at this on another chanel. The video didn’t show here. Said a terms of use violation. I didn’t even think this was Michael. I know to look beyond first appearance shots.

  199. elizabethvitale Said,

    Anyone know the guitarist in the footage rehersal with blonde hair? Anyone else he plays or played with? I was trying to place him with people I knew. I haven’t been in Hollywood for long periods of time since 1995. I don’t remember this guitarist.

  200. Love_Micheal Said,

    To me gehts simply so does not shit since you any more is there would have seen I need you so much this you do not believe at all I miss you simply so much I know still where I you the first one sometimes live this has seen something like that was simply from, however, already I love you simply I have so shit freunde laber everybody always only it shits do not know like it to me goes I wanted once with you in that sews be now, however, from it does not become, unfortunately, then you are not any more there I vin everybody meet in cry because of you I swear by mine opas deadly I you so much I need shits on everything different I wants to only with you be meinsch sometimes thinks I also why I I not this live has taken around with you to be I had all for you would have done however this can I now unfortunately not more if I you had then had I you helped I had my live for you geopferd you should only know I becomes always for you be there even if you no more because are you are simply my live JACKSON MICHEAL

  201. vera Said,

    The guitarist is Orianti and she is 24 years old. She must have been quite young in 1995 to play with MJ

  202. Shimmey Jane Said,

    Michael did NOT wear wigs. Are you crazy?

  203. Shimmey Jane Said,

    But what, so are you saying this is Michael Jackson, or not?
    Don’t look nothin’ like him to me…

  204. heaven.can.wait Said,

    does someone have another link for the video
    the video didn’t show here it said terms of use violation

  205. ObessedwithMj101 Said,

    Admin I agree with you that Michael Jackson is not dead HOWEVER, that performance has to be recent because that blonde girl looks the same as she did at the memorial and plus he still looked old….

  206. TheGypsy Said,

    Hi…All I can say is study the nose. The nose knows…..

  207. cherstars Said,

    That was NOT E’Casanova at the 02 conference that was MICHAEL JACKSON you need to correct your information. YOU ARE SO WRONG!

  208. gena Said,

    @cherstars: How do you know for sure that was MJ at the 02 conference? Unless you are E’Casanova himself … Personally I think MJ unfortunately passed away, and even if he used doubles before (which I think he did) that doesn’t prove he is still alive. Check also the statement of Kai Chase about the day he died. Sounds quite genuine.

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