Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

The aptly named Michael Jackson ‘This is it’ Tour announced in London in March 2009 may have been a code for his impending plan to ‘fake his own death’, sources say. Michael Jackson made thousands of fans wait for over an hour, before he stepped to the stage for a brief message to his fans announcing his “final concerts in London ever”10 shows at the O2 Arena set for July 2009.

In Jackson’s brief speech, he said simply “”This is it. My final performances in London. The final curtain call.”

How could he ever know it was going to be his ‘final curtain call’, unless he had some kind of plan for the future? Perhaps it was a plan to ‘remove himself’ from society to live the life of solitary happiness that he always craved, away from the spotlight. His upcoming tour is said to have raised $50 million in revenue, so perhaps this is the paycheck he was needing in order to go ahead with the plot to ‘fake his own death’.

There are also possible clues to his impending death due to the fact that he postponed 3 of his opening tour dates to March 2010. Randy Phillips, head of AEG Live says the delays have “absolutely nothing” to do with the king of pop’s health.

“I would trade my body for his tomorrow. He’s in fantastic shape,” Phillips told the BBC.  It would now seem that his health was apparently a major issue if reports of his Cardiac Arrest are to be believed.

If we are going to indulge the possibility of a Hoax, however, then there is also no denying that the heights of the late singer’s debt. He recently reached a $200 million millstone of debt, says a California lawsuit, and he’s reportedly trying to stave off bankruptcy, scraping by on a million bucks a month.
His parents, Joe and Katherine had already filed for bankruptcy, claiming debts of $45 million and assets of around $400,000. 
“Michael Jackson is a ticking financial time bomb, waiting to explode at any moment,” says a lawsuit that seeks to freeze Jackson’s Neverland assets.

The company behind the lawsuit says it arranged $230 million in loans for the singer between 1998 and 2000, and he owes them $12 million. The suit says he used much of the money to refinance earlier loans.

On top of his money woes, the late singer had already faced molestation charges, but was later acquitted. His records weren’t selling the way they used to, and he didn’t want to go home to his Neverland ranch since sheriffs “violated” the place by searching it. 

At the time of his death, Michael Jackson was renting a 37,000 square-foot mansion and cliffside estate for $100,000 a month.

With all of the financial, career, family and personal pressure, perhaps that is one reason why he made the announcement to the world that ‘This is it’.

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