Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

With the news that the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson passed away by Cardiac Arrest on June 25th, several conspiracy theories have emerged, especially with Internet news reports questioning why his personal doctor had been with the singer at his home but unable to help him and why reports of the singer’s death took so long to confirm.

Crowds at UCLA Medical Center for death of Michael Jackson

Early theories posted on internet forums included the suggestion that Michael Jackson had faked his death and pocketed money from his upcoming comeback performances to solve his financial difficulties which are estimated to be more than US $200 million.

A message on digitalspy read: “Millions in debt and realises that he can’t deliver on a 50 gig comeback tour, so he fakes his death, assumes a new identity (which he’s been trying to achieve for many years) and disappears?”

One posting on Twitter suggested that the original internet report that the star was dead had been wrong but that he had been “covertly” killed because a “media bandwagon” had already got out of control.

Claims that the singer’s decomposed body had been found at his Neverland ranch and that an impostor had taken his place circulated four years ago but originated from a spoof story on the satirical site The Onion.

There is also speculation that he perhaps comitted suicide and the story of ‘cardiac arrest’ was a pure fabrication in order to preserve his dignity.

Or perhaps just like Elvis, he had had enough of his debt, accusations, lack of privacy and hectic schedule and took advantage of a mastermind effort to ’stage’ his death in order for him to start a new life.

Wherever you are Michael Jackson, we wish you well and there is certainly no denying that you are and always will be ‘The King of Pop’.

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