Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Reports that Michael Jackson’s doctor was missing after the singers death on Thursday 25th June sparked speculation that he administered the fatal injection of pain killers that ended the life of the ‘King of Pop’.

POLICE have been investigating the claims that Michael Jackson received a pain-killing injection of the drug Demerol a short time before his death, amid intense pressure to prepare for a series of lucrative comeback concerts in London next month.

Michael Jackson’s autopsy results are delayed while his body is tested for prescription drugs. Cardiologist Doctor Conrad Robert Murray has spoken with police after it was revealed he was with Jackson when he collapsed on Thursday, but did not sign a death certificate and was attempting to revive him while an ambulance was called.

Murray is at the centre of the police inquiry amid claims that Jackson had been receiving daily injections of Demerol, a synthetic pain-killer similar to morphine. Detectives had earlier seized a car linked to the doctor and Karen Rayner, a police spokeswoman, said that it might contain “medications or other evidence that may assist the coroner in determining the cause of death”.

Let’s take a closer look for a moment here. Apparently Murray was hired by the concert promoter AEG Live and at Michael Jackson’s request, he was to accompany him to London to assist his health during the O2 concerts this year. Dr. Conrad Murray is a Cardioligist and practices at the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute. Why did Michael Jackson have a live-in Cardioligist? Why not a General Practitioner?

According to a report by KHOU in Houston, a medical assistant at the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute confirmed that a cardiologist there, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, was living with Jackson at his rented mansion and was with the pop star when he was stricken.

But a woman who answered the phone there refuted the reports that Murray had been treating Jackson or had been in any way associated with him. “No. No. No,” she said. “That’s not his patient. No.”

There has been much media speculation about the doctor’s identity and what type of care he was providing Jackson, who reportedly had been taking a mix of antidepressants and painkillers. There is still a question as to whether Murray was licensed to practice medicine in California, and he is not known at all by many of the leading ‘Physicians to the stars’ in the Los Angeles area.

The doctor did not sign the death certificate, which is protocol for a death that occurs under the watch of a physician. If the doctor does not provide the police with the details and circumstances surrounding the death and does not sign the death certificate, the case will be transferred to the coroner’s office, where it will be investigated as a homicide.

We are starting to think that either Michael Jackson ordered his ‘Personal Doctor’ to give the injection, against the Murray’s better judgement, which is why he later fled the scene, or that this is yet another clue in the tangled web of lies that has been sewn together to form the greatest Death Hoax of the century.

  1. MJ Killed by Illuminati Said,

    There is no death hoax. This is Illunminati confusion. Drop as much sh.it to throw people off who killed him. Michael Jackson loved life too much to fake his death. I think the same one’s who carried out the 911 attacks and had the media cover it up are the same one’s who help spread lies about Michael Jackson as a “child molester.” Now they’ve killed him. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Physician had something to do with it but ironically Michael only knew him for 2 months.

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